Local Apparent Thanksgiving

Author:   Sophia Lacambra, Barnard College Ship's Log Position 13˚18.0’N x 132˚33.7W Winds Force 3 from the SE Log 570 nautical miles Souls on Board As I’m sure you’ve read in previous posts, life aboard the [...]

Let’s Talk about Sextants: Celestial Navigation

Author: Audrey Cardwell & Sophia Lacambra , Brevard College & Barnard College Ship's Log Noon Position Lat 30˚ 14.1’ N x Lon 123˚ 48.6’ W Weather / Sail Plan Sailing under the Jib, Fore & Main Staysails, and Mainsail Winds [...]

S-301 Oceans & Climate

Students enrolled in Sea Education Association class S-301, Oceans & Climate, boarded the SSV Robert C. Seamans on Catalina Island, CA, on November 15th.  Their voyage ends in Honolulu, Hawai'i on December 23rd. There are no port stops.   [...]

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