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Dr. Jeff Schell Receives Henry L. and Grace Doherty Chair of Ocean Studies

SEA Professor of Oceanography Jeff Schell has been named the inaugural recipient of the Henry L. and Grace Doherty Chair of Ocean Studies.  The rotating Chair provides financial and logistical support for projects associated with professional development in Ocean Studies. The Chair was made possible [...]



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World’s Nations Start to Hammer out First Global Treaty on Plastic Pollution

SEA's Dr. Kara Lavender Law was quoted in a recent article about the upcoming session of the United Nations Environment Assembly and a new global treaty intended to curb plastic pollution. Each year, an estimated 11 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean, equivalent to a cargo ship’s worth every day. The rising tide—in the oceans and beyond—is just a symptom [...]

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Mini Boat Launched by SEA Receives International Attention

SEA in the NEWS After 462 Days At Sea, a Mini Boat Launched by New Hampshire Middle School Students Washed Ashore in Norway By Margaret Osborne Smithsonian Magazine Feb 23, 2022 In early February, a five-foot-long miniature boat built by students in New Hampshire in 2020 was found on the Norwegian island of Smøla. The little boat traveled over 8,000 miles [...]

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SEA Capt. Rebecca Johnson is Tall Ship America’s Young Sail Trainer of the Year

Tall Ships America has awarded SEA Captain Rebecca Johnson with its Young Sail Trainer of the Year award.  The award, presented at the Tall Ships America conference last week, recognizes high-performing individuals who deliver sail training programs for young people at sea. Chris Nolan, SEA Interim Dean of Faculty, wrote: "As a longtime mate with SEA, Rebecca stepped up in 2021 [...]

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Students to Study Climate Change in Voyage through Hawaiian Islands

For Immediate Release - Woods Hole, MA This winter, undergraduates from colleges and universities around the country are sailing the waters of the Hawaiian Islands aboard a tall ship ocean research vessel to develop a first-hand understanding of the interaction of oceans and climate in an area of dynamic ocean circulation that shapes global weather. The students are enrolled in The [...]

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Students to Conduct Ocean Research in the Caribbean

For Immediate Release - Woods Hole, MA This winter, college undergraduate and gap year students are sailing the waters of the Caribbean aboard a tall ship ocean research vessel in order to gain a deeper understanding of the complex marine environment. The students are enrolled in Ocean Exploration and Atlantic Odyssey, two shore and sea-based programs offered by Sea Education Association. [...]

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This Day in History, Journal Entry by Brad Friestedt, W-1

It's time I recorded the events of Duncan Island (Isle Pinzon), the most inhospitable hell-hole this side of Antarctica. This was the last Galapagos island we were to visit so I, and a group of other hale and hearty idiots, went ashore in search of the elusive Galapagos gigente tortoise. Duncan Island was tough from the start. There was no anchorage [...]

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