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Utilizing UV-Vis Spectroscopy in the Field

Dr. Sarah Kingston, SEA Assistant Professor of Oceanography and Chief Scientist of SEA's Marine Biodiversity & Conservation program, was featured in Select Science for her work utilizing Thermofisher's NanoDrop Spectrometer. The NanoDrop is part of a suite of equipment facilitating molecular work run by Dr. Kingston and students  in the Marine [...]



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SEA’s Dr. Jeff Schell Weighs in on Massive Sargassum Blooms

SEA IN THE NEWS "A giant blob of seaweed is headed to Florida and the Caribbean - could it ruin your beach vacation?" by Tarah Chieffi The POINTS GUY "Massive seaweed blob invades Florida beaches!" "Huge, smelly snake of seaweed headed toward the Caribbean!" Though the headlines sound like something out of a 1950s horror movie, sargassum is reaching record levels [...]

2023-03-29T15:50:13-05:00March 29, 2023|

SEA’s Dr. Heather Page co-authors study on oxygen loss on coral reefs

SEA’s Assistant Professor of Oceanography Heather Page is the co-author of a ground-breaking study examining the effects of hypoxia, or low oxygen, on coral reefs around the world. The paper, “Increasing hypoxia on global coral reefs under ocean warming,” was published March 16th in the journal Nature Climate Change. For the study, 22 co-authors collected data at 32 reefs located around the world, [...]

2023-03-23T11:34:20-05:00March 21, 2023|

Sea Education Association Plans Return to Phoenix Islands

This summer, students and scientists from Sea Education Association (SEA), an ocean-focused study abroad organization based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, will return to the Phoenix Islands, a remote, ecologically significant and highly biodiverse Pacific archipelago in the Republic of Kiritbati.  It will be the first such expedition since 2019.  The voyage is part of the SEA’s Protecting the Phoenix Islands program, which was [...]

2023-02-24T17:26:18-05:00February 24, 2023|

Wesleyan Student Reflects on SEA Program in French Polynesia

SEA in the NEWS "Exploring Sustainability, Building Community, and Fostering Connections: Frances Ostensen ’24 and Her SEA Semester" By Rachel Wachman The Wesleyan Connection Feb. 2023 When Frances Ostensen ’24 set sail aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans this fall, she knew she was in for an adventure.   Ostensen, a biology and Science in Society Program double major who spent the semester abroad [...]

2023-02-22T15:03:46-05:00February 22, 2023|

SEA Remembers John Herndon Thomson, 1925 – 2022

John Herndon Thomson (July 2, 1925 to Dec 14, 2022) joined Sea Education Association in 1976 (W-30), first as a mate and later as engineer, on R/V Westward, a community he never truly left. Even after he joined WHOI for work in the Buoy Lab, he managed to carve out time to join one cruise a year, generally to warm climates in the [...]

2023-01-19T12:06:41-05:00January 3, 2023|

SEA’s Dr. Kara Lavender Law Shares Insights on Ocean Plastic Pollution

SEA Research Professor of Oceanography Kara Lavender Law shares insights on ocean plastic pollution in two recently published news articles. Plastics tsunami: Can a landmark treaty stop waste from choking the oceans?, by Meera Subramanian, Nature, Nov. 22, 2022. Plastics pose a problem in waterways. Could chemical recycling be a solution? By Will Atwater, NC Health News, Nov. 11, 2022. In addition, this [...]

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