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Each 12-week undergraduate SEA program offers 14-18 semester hour credits through Boston University, SEA’s school of record. The SEA undergraduate summer sessions offer between 7 and 11 semester hour credits, depending on the program.

Our programs are designed to fit seamlessly into students’ undergraduate coursework as either major, minor, or elective credit.

Program credit is issued either as direct credit from a student’s home institution (if affiliated with SEA) or as transfer credit from Boston University. Exactly how SEA credit transfers is ultimately up to each student’s home institution. Therefore, it is important that students work with their academic advisor to determine how the credit will best work for them. That being said, SEA enrolls students from a wide variety of colleges and universities each year, and almost all students are able to successfully transfer the full credit.

If you need assistance with the credit transfer process, contact your SEA Admission Counselor with questions. We are often able to direct students to faculty or alumni on their home campus for specific guidance.

Below are the course offerings for each SEA program; the course numbers reflect how they are listed in the Boston University course catalog.

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