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Undergraduate research is a cornerstone of Sea Education Association (SEA), with an emphasis on field-based study in the marine and social sciences. SEA faculty and staff are active in their respective fields through grant-funded research projects, participation in professional conferences, and publication in scholarly journals.

Faculty encourage SEA students to contribute new aspects to ongoing research or to develop their own avenues of inquiry, as they guide students through the entire research process from defining the scope of study to final presentation of their work. Many students continue their research upon return to their home institutions, using the field data collected at SEA as the basis of capstone or senior thesis projects. Others remain involved in the research they contributed to during their time at SEA and are subsequently invited as co-authors on presentations and publications resulting from their work.

We invite you to explore the major avenues of research conducted by SEA students, faculty and staff.

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3010, 2020

SEA’s Dr. Kara Lavender Law is lead author on plastics article in Science Advances

By |2022-01-23T16:17:49-05:00October 30, 2020|Comments Off on SEA’s Dr. Kara Lavender Law is lead author on plastics article in Science Advances

SEA Research Professor of Oceanography Kara Lavender Law is the lead author of a research article published today in Science Advances. The article, "The United States’ contribution of plastic waste to land and ocean," reveals that the exportation of plastic waste abroad has masked the actual U.S. contribution to the plastic pollution crisis, and that the United States is actually a top source of plastic pollution in coastal environments.

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