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Financial Aid & Assistance

SEA works closely with applicants during the admissions process to estimate costs and consider options for funding your SEA program. Options include:

  • Federal aid (Stafford Student Loans, Pell Grants, Parent PLUS Loans) from your home institution is usually transferable.
  • State scholarships and outside aid (community or employer scholarships) can often be transferred as well.
  • Institutional aid SEA has agreements in place with many schools that allow students to transfer institutional aid to SEA. Students are encouraged to meet with advisors in their home institution’s financial aid and study abroad offices to discuss internal policies, procedures, and deadlines related to financial aid and scholarships.
  • Alternative loans from a variety of private lenders can be used to assist in meeting the costs of an SEA program
  • 529 plans have been utilized by past SEA students. Check with your provider since each plan has its own requirements.
  • Payment plans can be negotiated to help spread the cost across a reasonable time period.
  • SEA Scholarships and Funding Assistance – In addition to a substantial pool of general funding, SEA has a variety of awards and works with a range of organizations and institutions to facilitate access to our programs. See full list of available scholarships.

How To Apply for SEA Assistance

 To be considered for all available SEA funding, students must submit financial aid applications by these priority deadlines:

  • Summer programs: March 15
  • Fall programs: April 15
  • Spring programs: October 15

To apply for financial aid from SEA, you must submit:

  • SEA financial aid/scholarship application (pdf);
  • Copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR);
  • Your most recent award letter from your home school financial aid office

Federal regulations may require us to collect tax documents from you and/or your parents, but they are not initially required to apply for need-based aid.

 Optional: If you have an unusual financial situation that is not reflected in these materials, please contact the admissions office to discuss.

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