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Since 1971, over 10,000 alumni have explored the world’s ocean on one of our three tall ship research vessels. 92% of our alumni have reported that SEA programs gave them skills useful as they embark on careers in a variety of fields, ranging from conservation, environmental policy, medicine, law, sustainable energy, and oceanographic research. We hope you continue to engage with us as an important part of the SEA family, our alumni community.

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701, 2021

Bryant Jew is Winner of Armin E. Elsaesser III Fellowship Award

2022-01-23T11:29:55-05:00January 7, 2021|

SEA Semester alumnus Bryant Jew, C-276, has been selected as the recipient of the 2021 Armin E. Elsaesser III Fellowship Award.  Chosen from ten applicants, Bryant will use his award to build a working Hawaiian style dugout canoe while creating videos to teach the public about such vessels and the culture that surrounds them. Bryant plans to source a recently felled tree or, barring that, purchase one from a lumber [...]

401, 2021

SEA Semester Students to Beta Test New Microplastics Technology

2022-01-23T12:37:04-05:00January 4, 2021|

Later this year, SEA Semester students will begin beta testing new advanced technology to measure microplastics in the ocean, thanks to a partnership with an innovative company co-founded by a SEA Semester alumnus. The company is Ocean Diagnostics, and the SEA Semester alumnus is chief engineering officer Ethan Edson, C-247. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Ocean Diagnostics develops technologies to collect and analyze microplastics in the ocean. Ocean Diagnostics Imagining System [...]

2911, 2020

Classic Irving Johnson film inspires SEA Semester filmmaker

2022-01-23T12:42:02-05:00November 29, 2020|

SEA Semester student (and new alumnus!) Elijah Greiner recently sailed aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer from Woods Hole to Key West with class C-294,  Atlantic Odyssey / Ocean Exploration, arriving in Key West on November 18th. Elijah chronicled his  adventures with his shipmates with a film, Around Cape Cod. The film is  a humorous and moving homage to Irving Johnson’s iconic 1929 film, Around Cape Horn.  Irving Johnson and his wife, Exy, led [...]

906, 2020

PIPA Alumni Reconnect with Children of Kanton

2022-01-23T16:46:31-05:00June 9, 2020|

When they visited the island of Kanton in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) two summers ago, SEA Semester students of Class S-281 quickly became friends with the schoolchildren there, playing frisbee and soccer after dinner, dancing, and taking pictures. Their visit lasted just four days, but the friendships have lasted.

405, 2020

Building Teams Starts with Building Trust

2022-01-23T17:00:15-05:00May 4, 2020|

SEA's Director of Stewardship Monica Bowman recently had the opportunity to check in with SEA Semester alumnus, Dr. Joshua Weil. They spoke about his new position as emergency preparedness lead for the Permanente Medical Group at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa, California, and how during major health and safety crises, including this time of COVID-19, he finds himself calling upon his SEA Semester experience to inform his approach to leadership, trust, and being a good shipmate.

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