Sea Education Association (SEA) is a non-profit educational institution and an internationally recognized leader in ocean education. Since 1971, SEA has educated students about the world’s oceans and current issues such as climate change, ocean plastics, and coral reef degradation through its experiential academic programs at the undergraduate, high school, and gap year levels. SEA undergraduate programs deliver college credit through association with Boston University. SEA has an onshore campus located on Cape Cod in the oceanographic research community of Woods Hole (Falmouth) and owns and operates two sailing research vessels: the SSV Corwith Cramer in the Atlantic Ocean and the SSV Robert C. Seamans in the Pacific.

SEA is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ candidates. SEA is committed to the development of a multicultural environment. We value input of multiple viewpoints and perspectives across the organization; our goal is to create an academic and working community that is rich in cultural, social and intellectual diversity.


Design, plans, and provides instruction in Nautical Science on shore and at sea in an interdisciplinary educational program. Participates in planning, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of SEA programs with emphasis on Nautical Science and Leadership content. Serves as Captain of SEA’s vessel(s) in accordance with SEA’s “Instructions to Master.”



A. Plans, designs, implements, and evaluates instruction in Nautical Science and Leadership in a Dynamic Environment for SEA programs.

B. Prepares syllabi, reading lists, discussion topics and presentation materials to achieve the instructional goals of the course.

C. Evaluates and grades student performance through appropriate means according to grading guidelines applicable to the program (e.g. Boston University guidelines apply to SEA Semester).

D. Recruits, schedules, and evaluates guest lecturers for lectures, seminars, and field trips, subject to Dean’s approval.

E. Assists the Dean in establishing and achieving Nautical Science and Leadership in a Dynamic Environment curriculum goals and in meeting curriculum development objectives for all current and new SEA programs.

F. Assists the Dean in evaluating the Nautical Science component of all SEA programs.

G. When designated, acts as Academic Coordinator (onshore) for assigned program.


A. Serves as Captain on board SEA’s vessels for a maximum requirement of 16 weeks per year, scheduled in conjunction with the Academic Dean and the Director of Marine Operations.

B. Safety
1) Ensures that all ship operations and activities on board are carried out in a safe manner.
2) Ensures that all safety equipment & procedures are in place and operational.
3) Trains & supervises ships’ crew in crew duties.
4) Trains ship’s company in all emergency and safety procedures.
5) Reports injuries, illnesses, or changes in medical condition of ship’s company and/or students to SEA.

C. Condition and Operational Readiness
1) Ensures that ship’s structure is sound, equipment is functional & procedures are in place for safe navigation of ship & accomplishment of educational & scientific missions.
2) Recommends to the Director of Marine Operations changes and/or improvements to vessel(s) and/or operations.
3) Participates in selection & evaluation of ship’s crew.
4) As assigned, serves as Yard Captain.

D. Shipboard Mission and Planning
1) Works closely with other faculty to plan cruise track in timely manner.
2) Works closely with other faculty in ensuring the ship accomplishes educational and scientific missions.
3) When designated, acts as Academic Coordinator (at sea) for assigned program.
4) Supports, trains, and supervises ship’s crew in educational assignments.

E. Business and Legal Affairs
1) Maintains ship’s finances and records.
2) Monitors and approves shipboard expenditures within the vessel’s operations budget.
3) Conducts ship’s business and legal affairs with U.S. and foreign government agencies.

F. Public Relations
1) Works closely with the Marketing & Communications Coordinator in all PR activities pertaining to the vessels.
2) Acts as spokesperson and host for vessels and SEA.
3) Ensures vessels, staff and students contribute to a positive image of SEA.

G. Provides observations and input at Masters’ Meetings.


1) Reviews and evaluates student application files for the SEA Admission Committee.

2) Contributes to Academic Programs committees and work groups as directed by the Dean.

3) Together with other SEA faculty members, assists the Dean as requested in all areas of academic programs planning, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

4) Assists Admission Department with recruiting activities.

5) Conducts research and professional development activities appropriate to field of expertise.

6) Assists the President in SEA’s long-range planning.

7) Performs other tasks as required


1) Reports to the Director of Marine Operations for ships’ operations and to the Dean for educational responsibilities.

2) Works closely with: Other Faculty, Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Faculty, Science Coordinator, Associate Dean for Financial Aid and Student Services, and Port Captain.

3) Supervises: Mates, Engineer, Stewards, and Deckhands at sea, SEA students, and
Visiting lecturers on shore.

4) Level of position: Faculty.

5) Fair Labor Standards Status: Exempt.


1) Annual class schedule, course lecture schedule, and anticipated participation at sea to be reviewed and approved by the Dean. A full time Faculty position is 9 months of work within a 12-month period. The Dean must approve exceptions for more or less work time within a specific year.

2) Within each program, Nautical Science instruction to be coordinated and scheduled as mutually agreed with other Nautical Science, Oceanography, and Maritime Studies faculty.


• Minimum of 500-ton Ocean Master license with auxiliary sail endorsement and STCW
• AB Sail, with lifeboat and RFPNW endorsement
• Minimum of Marine Radio Operator Permit (FCC license)
• BA or BS degree
• Excellent teaching and communications skills
• Excellent leadership abilities
• Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
• Satisfactory pre-employment drug test and physical exam.

The Captain’s position may require the ability to work for extended periods in an area exposed to the weather during day and/or night hours. The position requires the ability to maintain vessel safety while executing the details of directing and teaching the students.

Shipboard duties require the physical ability and agility to quickly move and react to events on deck, to access below decks (ladders and companionways are provided), to climb aloft (ladders provided), and to live and work in confined spaces. Life at sea demands the physical, psychological, and emotional ability to adapt to a ship’s watch schedule, to work in groups or alone (sometimes in remote un-monitored spaces), to withstand extended periods of time on a moving vessel without daily access to shore resources, and in case of an emergency to perform emergency duties under adverse circumstances.

Benefits and Compensation

Salary is $52,650 for full time position. SEA offers a competitive benefits package which includes health, dental, vision and life insurances, retirement plans, Aflac, flexible spending accounts.

How to Apply

Send cover letter, resume and three professional references to Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

Only applications materials sent to this email address will be considered.