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As you prepare to join the crew onboard either the SSV Corwith Cramer or the SSV Robert C. Seamans, consider reviewing some of trainings provided here are in the RESOURCE section of the Crew Portal.


Online Payroll Portal: Click here to view instructions for logging in to Paylocity, where you can see paycheck history and access paystubs and W2s.

The Sea Education Association (SEA) Online Institute has been “soft launched” for SEA crewmembers and staff. The Institute is available here and currently features 13 free online courses. Enroll in the courses to learn something new or to prepare for your next role at SEA. More courses are added regularly.

  • Resources for SEA Assistant Scientists
  • Resources for SEA Mates
  • Microsoft Excel for SEA Assistant Scientists
  • Wind Calculations Using The Vectormaster and Maneuvering Boards
  • Weather for Sailors
  • NS101: Fundamentals of Paper Chart Plotting
  • NS 101: Sailing Fundamentals
  • NS 101: Safety and the Sea Component
  • Celestial Navigation for Recreational Mariners
  • SEA Faculty Lecture Series
  • Knots for Able Seaman
  • New SEA Captain Training Course
  • Chart Plotting with Traditional Tools

There is an incredible amount of knowledge and skill in our community – the vision for the SEA Online Institute is to be a repository of best practices and training topics to help our community help each other. Eventually we hope to offer courses to the public, including continuing education courses, professional certificate courses, and online learning for undergraduate, high school, and gap students.

If you want to contribute – please send ideas for new courses to the marine department, and if you enjoy recording training videos yourself, please follow the following guidance:

  • Remember that you don’t have to be perfect
  • Record on your phone horizontally when possible
  • Ensure clear audio by doing a test recording before diving into the training session
  • When complete, send the video/audio file to the marine department for editing and posting

Here is a 40 minute video, made by Captain Chris Nolan on the ROLES OF CREW AND STUDENTS: Program Progression.

Here is a link to Chris’s training website: PRACTICAL NAVIGATOR TRAINING. There you will find a number of videos and additional content to help you refresh or learn navigational topics. *** Special for SEA Crew only (Please do not share this), if you click on a course and add the coupon code YODA, you can gain access to the course content at no cost.

Follow this link to the list and descriptions of all the prodeals we have found. If you know of any others or would like us to pursue other companies, please send an email to lweitzen@sea.edu.

Additional resources are available here, including:

Corwith Cramer:
Bunk Plan
Boat Check
Pin Rail Diagram

Robert C. Seamans:
Bunk Plan
Boat Check
Pin Rail Diagram

Both Ships:
Crew Packing List
Deck and Science: How to Run a Watch Meeting
Deck: Guidelines for SEA Mates
Deck: Junior Watch Officer (JWO) Sheet Anchor

If you have any questions or suggestion for any of these resources or others that you think would be helpful to post here, please let us know at: marine@sea.edu.


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Marine Contacts

Director of Marine Operations:
Captain Tom “Sully” Sullivan
Email: tsullivan@sea.edu
Direct Office Line: 508-444-1909

Marine Planning & Logistics Manager:
Laurie Weitzen
Email: lweitzen@sea.edu
Direct Office Line: 508-444-1911

Marine Operations Coordinator
Lydia Mathewson
Email: lmathewson@sea.edu

Marine Systems Manager/Port Engineer:
Ted Fleming
Email: tfleming@sea.edu

Marine Science Manager
Isabela Trumble
Email: itrumble@sea.edu

If you email marine@sea.edu, this will send an email to everyone in the Marine Department.

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