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  1. Reimbursement Request Form
  2. Employee Record Form
  3. Direct Deposit Form
  4. SEA Medical Form If you and your doctor have completed the full USCG physical exam form in the past year, we can accept that plus Part I and Part II of the SEA Medical Form and the completion of this Confirmation of Physical Form.
  5. DAPI Release Form This is a USCG required form. It needs to be completed for each employer you have worked for in the last 2 years whose drug testing program you have participated in. It is not instead of a pre-employment drug test or letter. Both are required. Please email a copy to your previous employers and cc Lydia (lmathewson@sea.edu). The previous employer can then send the form back to both you and SEA.
  6. SEA Employee Handbook Policy and Procedures and Signature Page
  7. W-4– if in a paid position
  8. I-9– if in a paid position
  9. Passport- current and valid for at least 6 months from the last day you plan to be overseas and at least 3 blank pages. Please check the immigration requirements for each of the countries you will be stopping in for your contract period.
  10. COVID-19 Vaccination Card– You are required to be up-to-date on vaccinations against COVID-19 before traveling to the ships. SEA’s current policy is that to be considered up-to-date, you must have gotten at least one booster in addition to your original vaccination.
  11. One of the following documents to verify your direct deposit information: bank form, copy of voided personal check, or screenshot of account and routing numbers. This is to be submitted in addition to your direct deposit form (linked above).
  12. Contract- You will receive a copy of your contract from the Marine Department. Please sign it and return a copy to Laurie.
  13. Pre-employment Drug Test- If applicable, SEA will need you to either complete a pre-employment drug test at lab near you, or send a letter from an employer that confirms you have been part of their random drug testing program for at least 60 of the last 185 days. Please talk with Laurie about if this is needed for your contract period and which you are able to provide.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (ALL CREW POSITIONS)
Read, sign and return the SEA Harassment Policy

DAPI- Employee Drug and Alcohol Prevention Training  (ALL CREW POSITIONS)
As part of the USCG regulatory requirements, every sea-going employee is required to participate in this training. We ask that you read the PDF’s and watch the video and then ask that you sign the attached Drug Free Workplace Policy form under all three parts.

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Marine Contacts

Director of Marine Operations:
Captain Tom “Sully” Sullivan
Email: tsullivan@sea.edu
Direct Office Line: 508-444-1909

Marine Planning & Logistics Manager:
Laurie Weitzen
Email: lweitzen@sea.edu
Direct Office Line: 508-444-1911

Marine Operations Coordinator
Lydia Mathewson
Email: lmathewson@sea.edu

Marine Systems Manager/Port Engineer:
Ted Fleming
Email: tfleming@sea.edu

Marine Science Manager
Isabela Trumble
Email: itrumble@sea.edu

If you email marine@sea.edu, this will send an email to everyone in the Marine Department.


  • USCG Mechant Mariner Credentials- current and valid, STCW compliant. (see NMC Ammendment to STCW requirements.)
  • USCG Medical Certificate- current and valid, STCW compliant
  • TWIC Card
  • Crew Training Certificates of Completion- BST, BRM, FCC, Radar, Advanced Fire Fighting, WFR or MedCare Provider.
  • USCG Medical Certificate- current and valid for STCW
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