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April 4, 2024

Author: Tiegan Paulson, College of the Atlantic (Climate Change & Coastal Resilience, SEA Class S-313)

I had the pleasure of producing five audio logs of S313’s voyage in Aotearoa New Zealand with the help and participation of my fellow crew. At the time of writing, only four of these are completed, having finally lost my computer to the depths of time midway through the last one. With any luck it will eventually make an appearance.

These five-to-eight minute pieces were wonderful to put together, and though they speak to a time now several weeks past they still carry the spirit of our group. Each carries the voices of the student crew aboard, and almost all of our fourteen students have their moment in the sun.

My apologies to Julian, Brooke, and Ren for holding up their appearance in #6 and to Bethany for failing to get her voice in entirely. She was a great help in the editing process.

We’re almost two weeks from the day we said goodbye to the Seamans. Thirty-six hours of travel have served to put my brain far from the decks we stood watch over. These logs, however, bring me back. I hope they will do the same for you.

S313, over and out.


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