SEA Semester Leads to Successful Legal Career

November 25, 2019
jeanne Grasso

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Work Hard, Get the Job Done, Be Yourself: Jeanne Grasso
USCG Proceedings Magazine

Leading maritime lawyer Jeanne Grasso, W-83, credits SEA Semester for influencing her successful legal career.

"When the readers of this edition of Proceedings realize Jeanne Grasso is a lawyer, they will have to fight the urge to flip past and dismiss her as not a 'real' mariner. No, Grasso did not graduate from a maritime academy. Nor has she been in command of a ship, but her love affair with all things maritime led her to become one of the United States' premier maritime lawyers....

She spent a semester at sea with the Sea Education Association out of Woods Hole, Massachusetts, during her junior year. This was her first time truly at sea and it pushed her into the current of maritime law.

'I didn't realize it at the time, but my sea semester is what kept bringing me back to work in the maritime field,' she said."

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