UNC Wilmington Student Shares Memories of SEA

June 11, 2021
Julian Murray-Brown

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University of North Carolina Wilmington

"We Are the Class of 2021! Telling our story, one graduate at a time"

"Julian Murray-Brown ’21 is one of 25 undergraduate students from universities across the United States who boarded the SSV Robert C. Seamans 134-foot brigantine in February 2020. The six-week study abroad program offered by the Sea Education Association allowed the students to study how humans have influenced New Zealand’s marine environment.

For Murray-Brown, choosing to make his semester a SEA semester was an easy decision. A combination of his coastal roots, his love for the ocean, his desire for an atypical study abroad experience and his father being an alumnus of the SEA program all led Murray-Brown to attend.

'You don’t have to be a science major; many of my shipmates are English, political science and even theatre majors,' Murray-Brown said. 'What we all have in common is that we wanted to mix things up, get off our home campuses and create our own adventure story. It’s an amazing way to learn about yourself and the environment while satisfying a longing for adventure.'"

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