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Sea Education Association has been a leader in ocean education since 1971.

Sea Education Association- SSV Robert C. Seamans

Our Mission

Sea Education Association (SEA) is a global teaching, learning and research institution dedicated to the exploration, understanding and stewardship of the ocean and coastal communities. Through participation in one of SEA’s programs, students are immersed into scientific and cultural discovery, academic rigor, and personal growth.

SEA’s campus is located in the oceanographic community of Woods Hole, MA and is one of the six members that make up the Woods Hole scientific community working closely with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woodwell Climate Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (including National Marine Fisheries Service and Northeast Fisheries Science Center), and United States Geological Center.



Undergraduate students can participate in one of SEA’s semester or summer programs to earn academic credit.

High School

High school students can explore a variety of summer program offerings designed to provide hands-on experience in ocean studies.


Designed for recent high school graduates who have deferred their college acceptance or will matriculate in the spring semester.

Learning with SEA

With an interdisciplinary approach to ocean studies, SEA programs offer students the opportunity to explore their academic interests as they relate to current ocean issues like climate change, environmental justice, biodiversity, conservation and policy, and marine environmental history.

Areas of Research

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Sea Education Association faculty are leading experts in the fields of oceanography, marine environmental history, coral reef ecology, maritime history, and ocean policy.  SEA’s faculty are actively engaged in ongoing research initiatives and bring their passion to SEA programs.

Recent Faculty Research

What SEA alumni are saying…

“On and off the ship, SEA offered me incredible scientific experiences and life-long community-building skills that I will never forget. I used my SEA data in my senior thesis and am now working with an SEA faculty member to submit it for publication.” -Yuyang (Pike) Li, Caribbean Reef Expedition, 2021

Senior thesis: Benthic Community Variation of Shallow Coral Reefs and the Effect of Herbivory on Different Algae in U.S. Virgin Islands

“SEA was the perfect supplement to my undergraduate degree and helped me sort out what I wanted to study in graduate school. The experience also prepared me for working on research vessels and collaborating across large teams. I use the skills that I learned through SEA daily.”- Bethanie Edwards, PhD, Oceans and Climate, 2007; MIT/WHOI Joint Program sail, 2010


Current position: Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley

There was nothing like the challenges, the joys, and the lessons I learned at SEA. The opportunity to explore the ocean aboard a ship as a member of a crew while participating in cutting edge research empowered me to continue into a career on the ocean and as a researcher. Being aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer taught me so much about how big the ocean really is, and how to explore it with fellow crewmates I consider family to this day.” -Joseph Townsend, Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, 2015

Current Position: Territorial Coral Disease Response Coordinator, Department of Planning and Natural Resources for the Virgin Islands; Science Assistant, National Science Foundation