Day 2 for SEA Expedition 3

July 26, 2023

Kelsey Lane, Chief Scientist

Learning to set sails and hauling on a halyard

Ship's Log

Noon Position
41*28.3’N x 070*45.1’W  

Ship Heading
 250 degrees

Ship Speed 

Log (nm)

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Bright and sunny / Winds WSW F3 / No sails set

Description of location
Anchored in Tarpaulin Cove

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This morning dawned bright and early with more training before we could get underway. Students got hands-on learning how we deploy oceanographic equipment using the hydrowire, acquainting themselves with weather and navigational skills, and setting, striking and furling sails. At last, we prepared to get underway. At 14:00, 2e departed Woods Hole and headed into Cape Cod Bay. We headed over to Tarpaulin Cove to anchor for the night where we finished our training with man overboard, fire and prepare to abandon ship drills. We celebrated the end of drills with a saltwater shower on deck using the fire hose. Many students and staff enjoyed the high-pressure shower followed by a freshwater rinse. After a delicious pizza dinner, everyone tucked in for the night and anchor watches begin.

I collected some quotes about how they’re liking ship life from some of the students:

“The jellyfish are pretty”- Catherine

“Saltwater shower 10/10, would do again” and “ferry horns are awful” – Ruthie

“We love the salt water shower, best shower ever.” – Charlotte and Gigi

 (Many students agreed the saltwater shower was highly recommended!)

“The ocean is calling my name…to swim” – Gabriella

 (Although swimming will only occur in designated swim calls with lifeguards on duty!)

“It’s better than being on shore.” – Zach

“The sea gulls are a menace” and “Hello Harbor School!” – Ayman

“Let the adventure begin, especially night watches!” – Eliza

“Waves put you to sleep in your bunk” – Cole

“We’re not dying of heat stroke. It’s such a nice temperature” – Victoria

“#1 Lesson: Don’t be Oscar, Don’t fall off the boat!” – Ava

 (Oscar is a volleyball we use for Man Overboard Drills)

“We’re fishing” – Justin

“The engine room is fun!” – Jonah

“The food is delicious. Favorite meal is either the tacos or pizza.” – Riley

“The food is amazing!” – confirmed by most of the main saloon while eating dinner

So we’re off to a great start here and can’t wait to get underway tomorrow and into our full watch schedule. Fair Winds!

Kelsey Lane, Chief Scientist

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  1. Lorna Horne July 30, 2023 at 08:31 - Reply

    Sounds like an amazing time, I cant wait to hear all about it . Enjoy this awesome experience xoxo

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