A Day in the Life as a Stu Stew

Kayla Bradley, A Watch & College of Charleston

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Matt (3rd Scientist), Amy (Assistant Engineer) and I doing our Science Squats!!! 10 squats for every 100 m of wire put out. It adds up quickly!

Ship's Log

Noon Position
30° 59.7’N x 072°53.9’W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
3.60 kts

Taffrail Log
1575 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Beautiful Sailing day with clear skies and cooling breeze with the sun’s warmth. Sailing under the storm trsys’l, fore and mainstays’l, and the jib with force 4 NExN winds.

Description of location
321 nm W of Brunswick, GA

Souls on Board

Ahoy to the readers on land! Many may think sailing the Atlantic for nearly 6 weeks is crazy but those who know me know curiosity gets the best of me.

So here I am 23 days into sailing the Atlantic Ocean and 14 days in the high seas. By tonight we will be back into the United States EEZ. While being out here what I have actually found to be the crazy is not the choice to come but the colorful sunsets, bright clear stars, the bow riding dolphins, the couple of Mahi, and the most incredible memories being built.

The schedule here on board is never consistent for some of us. We rotate watches every 6 hours, meaning some days I’m up at 0700, some days start at 1300 to 1900, or other days I am waking up at 0100 (Dawn watch usually has a nice set of stars and beautiful sunrises to look forward to). Although the boat coffee does its job as Posy accurately stated in her review, sometimes a day break can be nice. Each student gets a day to be in the galley with our amazing stewards, they like to call us their stu stew (student steward).

Luckily for me I had my second stu stew day yesterday. Part of prepping for this day is to think of a DE-LISH mid rat (midnight snack). I had been craving some cheesecake and was going to make some cheesecake bites, however, Posy decided to make these amazing cheesecake brownies the day before. Therefore, we stayed up the night before searching for something just as good.

0545 wake up came around it was time to start my stu stew day, but oops I put my head down for just a few seconds and what do you know I was some minutes late. I quickly got out of bed and started setting the table (something my grandmother taught me well) for first seating of boatmeal breakfast. The clock strikes 0620, I ring the triangle in every corner of the boat repeatedly saying “B and others breakfast”. Good turnout at first seating as B watch prepares to go on watch. The clock now strikes 0700, I again make my way around every corner on the boat repeatedly saying “A and C breakfast”. C watch was still sleeping from evening watch and A watch so tired most of them went straight to bed, so second seating is about 4 shipmates and myself.

After a small break it was time to start on snack and my choice of mid rats.

A watch practicing emergency drills. I was testing the fire hose with our Watch officer and 1st mate Rocky. In this moment I felt like the Little Rascals.

The assistant steward and I decided on Chocolate Fudge and A Mexican Milk Fudge (similar to dolce de leche). We began on the Mexican Milk Fudge by dumping ingredients into a large pot on the stove and letting boil to 240°F. After it boils were supposed to beat until thickened. We did it once, twice, three times and still no solidification. It was now time to make quesadilla and posole lunch. We had to pan what we had and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, after our class neither fudges were solid enough to serve fore mid rats so we made a backup. The three time boiled and beat Mexican Milk fudge attempt did make a great sauce for apples and coffee syrup and the chocolate fudge I served to my watch as they were about to take on evening watch. Lastly, for dinner we served a nice fish and asparagus dinner (common dinner in my household).

Stu Stew days are amazing for so many reason, not only do you get to hang with the stewards but most days you do not see anyone but your watch, as a stu stew you get to see the entire ship’s company come and go. Lastly, you get to catch up on your sleep and saw up some good ZZZZs.

To my beloved family I miss you all so much and cannot wait to tell you all about ‘Suite Life on Deck’ of the Corwith Cramer. Mom, I know you are keeping up with the blog and us being off the coast of home is killing you, but know I too look at the chart everyday so I can wave home. Dad, life at sea is more than I had imagined you are going to love all the stories I have. Aaron, Logan, and Autumn this has been one of the best missions I have chosen to do I cannot wait to see you all soon. Lexi, I wish you the best of luck during your finals. You are half way through college! Last but not least, Mike, Happy Anniversary!!! I cannot wait to come back and see what life has thrown at you, the obstacles you have overcome, and the achievements you have made. Stay you. I love you all so much.

Kayla Bradley, A Watch & College of Charleston

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  1. Linda Bradley May 3, 2022 at 06:41 - Reply

    So good to hear from you and yes I am anxiously awaiting for blogs to post. It seems like forever since you left and I can’t wait to have you back on land. It does your mamasita’s heart good to hear you are enjoying the journey. Stay strong, what an amazing experience it seems to be. Oh and to tease me all week, Reggie wrapped and set out the BD gift you left for me. I of course cried when I saw you did that. Can’t wait to open. Cinco De Mayo my friends! I love you KK. Talk to you soon! Counting down the days!!!!

  2. Hedy Micallef May 4, 2022 at 06:55 - Reply

    Hi Kayla!!!! Loved reading this! Love and miss you 💕💕💕 Miss Hedy

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