A Full Day on the SEA Campus

Elaina Berdyck, Della Waldman & Sierra Wouden-Crosno, Mt. Lebanon High School, Maieutic Academy & Carmel High School

June 28, 2021
Fireside poetry slam.
Fireside poetry slam.

Fireside poetry slam.



The campus at sunset.

The campus at sunset.

First up today for classes was Maritime Studies, in which we pondered varying definitions of “home” with the guidance of a guest speaker from the Fairhaven Writers’ Workshop. After some introspective time spent journaling about our experiences, we moved on to Oceanography, where we learned about surface circulation. One highlight of the class was definitely the live demonstration of the Coriolis effect which involved spinning around on a wooden plank and throwing tennis balls at each other to see in which way the tennis balls were thrown off course. Finally, in Nautical Science, we learned how to chart courses on nautical maps (just like real mariners!!).

Free time was filled with volleyball, line dancing and saxophone/piano/guitar/flute/ukulele jam sessions. We finished the night with a sea themed poetry slam. We read poems in English and Spanish, some that we wrote and some from Dr. Ali’s extensive collection. I loved hearing how others’ experiences of the ocean overlap with mine and also how their thoughts are different.

Cam cooked awesome bowtie pasta with butternut squash and feta for dinner and we all went back for seconds (and thirds).

One activity that has become popular during free time and between classes is volleyball. We all get together, or play in smaller groups, which I think is forming a community between us, further preparing us for our journey at sea.

- Elaina Berdyck, Mt. Lebanon High School
- Della Waldman, Maieutic Academy
- Sierra Wouden-Crosno, Carmel High School

Contact: Douglas Karlson, Director of Communications, 508-444-1918 | dkarlson@sea.edu

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