A Marquesan Cadence

October 26, 2022

Krista Swedberg, Chief Mate

Jackie enjoying Nuku Hiva
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Jackie enjoying Nuku Hiva

Ship's Log

Noon Position
9° 19.0’S 140° 9.8’W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
7.8 kts

Taffrail Log
3537 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Wind NxW F4, Swell ESE 3ft, Sky 2/8 Cu, Sailing under the 4 lowers and tops’l with a shallow reef in the Main.

Description of location
3nm off the West coast of Ua Pu

Souls on Board

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In music, a cadence denotes the end of a phrase, a breath before the next thought. The past few days among the Marquesas Islands have felt like a cadence in our voyage towards Tahiti. Dawn landfall of Hiva Oa was a break in the endless blue horizons we have been traversing since departing San Diego, and closer views as we cruised towards Nuku Hiva revealed many shades of green, a color we haven’t seen in some time.

Swim call in Taiohae Bay

Swim call in Taiohae Bay

Our shellbacks competed in a second line chase as we passed through Canal Haava; this chase included every line aboard. As we have entered into the full tradewind zone, the frequent setting and striking of sails has been training us up for deeper familiarity with our vessel. In contrast to the first few days of the trip, our crew is becoming well-versed in the daily routines, and shipboard lingo rolls off the tongue. Along with new terms, like “two-six, Paul!” New challenges are ahead, but for twenty-four hours we enjoyed the stillness and beauty of lying at anchor in Taiohae Bay. The day was complete with several swim calls and a fancy-dress dinner. T’was a welcome pause in the passage-making.

Today the mystical spires of Ua Po drift into the distance as we begin the next leg, thankful for these consistent tradewinds. More canvas!

Krista Swedberg, Chief Mate

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  1. Nick Grant October 27, 2022 at 20:11 - Reply

    “More canvas!” Delightful turn of phrase, Krista—that’s just the kind of thing that we landlubbers would hope that a chief mate would say. We also wonder if you like to keep the Seamans in “ship shape and Bristol fashion,” or have had any need to keelhaul any miscreants in your crew. (Let’s hope not.)

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