A truly, trip-advisor-10-star-review worthy day!

October 15, 2023

Author: Paige M., B-Watch

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Ship's Log

Sunday, 15 October 2023Noon Position: 44°22.5’N 64° 18.6’WLog: 658.1nmWeather: Chilly Nova Scotian breeze with some sunshine!Description of location: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

What a day! After our unexpected delayed departure from Lunenburg, the crewpulled together quite the extravaganza. Groups of three are woken up atdifferent times of the night due to dock watch. Madi and I had the pleasureof experiencing sleep deprivation with Scientist Jordan! At 0500, we went ondeck with some warm tea and got to work drawing everyone on board,creatively waiting for our boat check. At 0700, wake-ups were conducted byMadi and I. We stumbled around telling people to wake up while barely ableto keep our eyes open ourselves. After a lovely breakfast provided by ouramazing stewards, we split into our respective watches to go on a field tripand delve into productivity. While A-Watch went out on the town, the othertwo watches met with our watch officers and had a good study hall. Afterthat, my watch was lucky enough to visit Lunenburg’s shops again.

It was a successful visit that included a shiny ring and some presents for home.Following this exciting venture was a Nautical Science class where we gainedmore experience with sail handling. More specifically, we practiced riggingboth shallow and deep reefs in the mainsail simultaneously. Then, it wastime for the long awaited B-Watch field trip! We toured Lunenburg with themost fantastic storyteller, Nancy. She runs Seaweed Tours and drove us todifferent areas of Lunenburg, recounting countless seafaring stories fromsolemn tales of lost ships to her times working at her father’s fisherman’spub.

She took us to Lunenburg academy (the town school), old churches,graveyards, a scallop dock, and a small bay. She was so amazing and providedus with memories that will last for quite a while. My overalls, which arethe most amazing to ever exist of planet earth, made the experience so muchbetter. They were borrowed from the revolving closet we have amongst thegals. They are so comfortable and I felt like a fishing farmer. Followingthis was one final dinner in Lunenburg. A few of us went to a smallrestaurant where drinks were spilled, chaos ensued and laughs were endless.

At long last, we bid goodbye to Lunenburg, kissed the docks farewell andclimbed back aboard our home, the Corwith Cramer. Now we are back on theboat, experiencing stinky feet, a few exploding sinks, attempts to air outbunks, loads of card games, late nights where a touch of insanity takes holdof all of us, bonker days and buckets upon buckets of laughter. Life hasnever been more challenging and joyful! Lunenburg was so good to us andthese unexpected extra days were truly a gift and will be treasured by allof us.

Miss you all and wishing the best!

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