After the Gale

November 11, 2022

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All is well aboard the Cramer after a couple days of heavy weather as we continue our transit towards the U.S. Virgin Islands. During the period in which the wind waned after the gale, we were able to test-set all fore-and-aft sails, including the Jib Topsail, Jib, Fore Staysail, Main Staysail, Fisherman, and Mainsail.  This is important work to help train our crew in sailhandling, but also to ensure the rig is ready for the upcoming voyage in the Caribbean Reef Program.

Along the way we have also been doing science training deployments, including the CTD (Conductivity Temperature Depth), meter net, neuston net, phytoplankton net, dip net, niskin bottles, and carousel.  This again is a great opportunity to train our up and coming crewmembers, as well as troubleshoot equipment "post yard" before the upcoming program.  Alas, there have been no new species discovered and named after the captain yet, but I do hold out hope.

We also have the unique opportunity of offering a 100-ton master and able seaman Coast Guard approved course underway - Corwith Cramer is an approved testing facility for this work, so it is a great chance for rising mates and crew to obtain the academic requirements towards a merchant mariner credential while underway.

All is well here, we anticipate motor sailing through some light winds, and arriving in the US Virgin Islands mid-week, in time to conduct some boat/snorkel training, and turn over a good ship to our oncoming crew and students.

Capt Chris Nolan

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