Aloft on Turkey Day

November 23, 2023

Author: Emma Mason (Colorado College), Olivia Harris (Colorado College), Lila Hensley (University of Vermont)

Emma enjoying the view from aloft.

Ship's Log

24 November 2023Current Position: Docked in AucklandShip's Heading & Speed: StationaryWeather: Windy with occasional showers

Hello everyone! For some of us, the morning started quite early, as Emma haddock watch from 2:30-4:00am, and Lila had dock watch from 4:00-5:30am. Foreveryone else, the morning started by enjoying a wonderful breakfast tacospread. It was on the chillier side so everyone bundled up and quicklypoured their coffee. The peppermint mocha syrup has been a special delight.A Watch scrubbed and dubbed the dishes, B Watch used some elbow grease tomake the deck shine, and finally the wondrous C Watch donned the cap ofchores.We had a quick safety debrief, tucked away from the rain, and wrapped it upwith raspberry custard- Ashley you are the best! Once we all enjoyed thismorning treat, and the rain had passed, we split into three groups for shiptraining. The groups rotated between adventuring aloft (so cool. seepicture!), practicing jib furling, and of course, MOST importantly,connecting to the ship's server, so we can record lots of scientific data.We worked up quite the appetite and wandered into the salon to fill up ourplates (and bowls) with potato leek soup, salad, and yummy homemadefocaccia.We had a bit of free time following lunch to explore Auckland! S312 could befound doing all sorts of different things around the city. Art and maritimemuseums were explored, coffee was had, and many enjoyed the couple hours ofsun amidst the rain. Leia, D'Elle, Jess, and us (Olivia, Emma, and Lila)started our travels by going to the bookstore. We dropped Leia, D'Elle, andJess to a coffee shop and started a long trek to the thrift stores. To endthis journey back, we got a little taste of home by stopping at the localself-serve frozen yogurt shop, our version of the thanksgiving feast fortoday. I (Emma) got a fun poster of sea anemones for my bunk, Olivia got afantastic sweatshirt from the thrift store, and Lila almost got a flannelbut put it back on the rack because she has no extra space in her bunk(#grit).While we had the option of going off for dinner, all students decidedAshley's cooking was too good to pass up. We ate delicious Buddha bowls andwatched a large Disney cruise trip leave the harbor near us. (Do you reallyneed more than 140 feet and two masts? We love our humble abode, Bobby C.but some of us do like Mickey Mouse). It is time to end this blog, as we areall waking up at wee hours of the night (and morning) to watch over our newhome.Xoxo,Emma Mason (Colorado College)Olivia Harris (Colorado College)Lila Hensley (University of Vermont)Shoutouts! We miss and love you Lucy and Anna Lynn - feel better soon! Theboat is not the same without you <3Emma: Happy Thanksgiving Mason family - I am so thankful for you all andmiss you lots!Olivia: Hi to Mom, Dad, Carly, and Brian! I miss you all so much and can'twait to tell you all about my adventures at sea! Give Cody and Winnie lotsof hugs and kisses for me!Lila: Happy Turkey Day Hensley/Thomas fam! Hope it was a good one with nottoo much whipped cream.

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  1. Pat Hilgendorff November 27, 2023 at 18:26 - Reply

    Great job, Emma. Thanks for the blog. I’m so glad the food is so tasty. And, coffee sounds like it’s as important to you as it is to my granddaughter. Enjoy everything!

  2. Anonymous December 18, 2023 at 00:12 - Reply

    Just reading this now…great post and sounds like a Thanksgiving you will all remember! Sending love your way, Ms. Emma!!!! Glad you got the sea anemones poster! — Andrea

  3. Andrea Gollin December 18, 2023 at 00:13 - Reply

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving — one that you will always remember! Just reading this now. Emma, nice job! Glad you got the sea anemones poster! Sending love!

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