Another Excellent Day

June 29, 2021

Nina Brook, Oliver Browning & Nell Brayton, Edina, Lower Merion & Middlebury Union High Schools



Summer in Woods Hole.
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Summer in Woods Hole.

To start our day off, our Resident Advisor and cook Cam had the day off, so some of the other RAs and campers made us a delicious oatmeal bar with tons of toppings. After our morning chores we headed up to nautical science with Captain Chris, where we practiced charting on a map of Long Island Sound. We have gotten more experienced with using the tools of charting, and we’ve broadened our understanding of navigation.

Following a brief snack, we then journeyed back to Madden Center where we had Maritime Studies. We tested our puzzle skills with poetry puzzles. We had a zoom call with Professor Brad of UVA to explain the exercise. We were tasked with reconstructing broken up poems in puzzle form and making our own poem puzzles which is harder than it may seem.

We had a yummy lunch in the midday heat, of salad with peanut sauce and chicken. Then we went to oceanography class where we studied zooplankton and did a lab with seeds and peanuts. In this lab we used scientific methods to find the averages of different seeds in specific areas to practice for zooplankton sampling.

During free time some of us ventured to the beach after a quick and delicious snack of banana bread and banana muffins (because we found overripe bananas in the basement that needed to be used). At the beach some of us went knob and then swam a bit, and some of us stayed at Quissett Harbor and jumped off a drop-off. We walked home salty, tired, but content, and had a great dinner of quinoa with roasted veggies and chickpeas.

To close off another excellent day, we gathered in Madden Center to watch Master and Commander while sipping on hot chocolate and tea. I can tell that we’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with each other as we continue with our second week of classes and prepare for the ship.

- Nina Brook (Edina HS), Oliver Browning (Lower Merion HS), and Nell Brayton (MUHS)

Contact: Douglas Karlson, Director of Communications, 508-444-1918 |

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