Appreciating the little things

February 21, 2024

Author: Ava Roche, A Watch, Barnard College ‘25

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A watch getting sediment sample

Ship's Log

February 20, 2024Position: 39° 01.987’S & 178°13.324’EHeading: 45° trueSpeed: 3.5 KnotsDistance: 449Weather: South East Winds with a Beaufort force of four

Hey everyone! Today is February 20th and its taco Tuesday on the Seamans. Ithas been around 10 days since we began our adventure which is absolutelycrazy to me. I feel like my time in Cape Cod was so long ago with all of theknowledge and experiences I’ve had since entering the southern hemisphere. Ihave snorkeled and explored vacant islands, learned (or at least attemptedto learn) all of the pins and their functions on a 134 foot sail boat, andeven though entering a new community that has so many different routines &practices has definitely been overwhelming, I’m finally starting to feel myfeet touch the ground again, which is such an amazing feeling. Today we hadour pin race where all three watch groups raced each other to identify allof the ships pins and their functions, which I was quite nervous for, yet itended up being so much fun! My watch team (A watch) got the silver medal(hypothetically speaking) which was quite surprising to us and made merealize that I know a lot more than I think I doJ.In this new community I’ve realized that appreciating the little things iswhat everything is about. Without my phone/technology I’ve been able toactually enjoy the things that I used to without feeling under stimulated orlike I missed a message. It’s come to the point where I now find myselflooking forward to grabbing my little rope before bed to practice a fewbowlines and half hitches with my red light headlamp which is quite funny tome as two weeks ago I could barely sit still to read a book at night andwould end up swapping it for my phone. Having the time to truly focus on andbe present within this community has been amazing, and through the seacomponent I have already felt my bonds strengthen in a way that only livingin matching cubbies with curtains as doors can do. Sadly I have to sign offas It’s my bedtime as I have to wake up at 1:00 AM for my six hour dawnwatch (which is absolutely amazing and I see about 5 shooting stars anhour), but I’m sending extra love to my family; I’ve been looking at themoon each night and thinking of you and Buddy and Mowgli. I miss you, andcan’t wait to hear your voices soon.

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  1. Susan February 25, 2024 at 19:09 - Reply

    Love this Ava and we love you too!

  2. gina roche March 4, 2024 at 20:41 - Reply

    We miss and love you so much Ava!!!!
    Love, Mom, Dad,

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