Beginning of the end

Author: Matthew Robertson, Muhlenberg College

Duncan, Hannah, Sophia, Cassie, and Carson staring at the sunset on the starboard side.

Duncan, Hannah, Sophia, Cassie, and Carson staring at the sunset on the starboard side.

Ship's Log

19° 16.7”N X 153° 40.3”W

Taffrail Log
3433 nautical miles

Weather / Sail Plan
Sailing under the four lowers and the tops’l; Winds: 18 knots

Souls on Board

Even though I’m unexpectedly filling in for this blog post I feel like I know what to say and how to say it. We’re less than 100 nautical miles away from Hilo, Hawaii and as we continue to approach it with great speed things have been shifting here on the boat.

People have been reflecting more and more on their experience overall and wondering how in the world we can properly encapsulate our shared experience to the outside world. Also with close proximity to Hawaii comes a possible opportunity for cell service, however most of us feel like we want to savor this experience of being disconnected to the outside world for as long as possible. So we all agree we should embrace this new culture of respecting those who wish to continue being disconnected.

Another change is in the form of how we conduct our lab time. We are no longer gathering any more data so no more hydrocasts, meter-nets or neuston tows as we are all now focused on our projects. However as highlighted from our lovely captain and mates this feeling of “it’s almost over” poses a possible danger. People could become distracted from our cell service and this feeling of being more lax because it’s almost over might result in a big sailing screw up. It’s a chilling reminder that yes we are almost done but were still not done yet and we still need to be aware of our duties and responsibilities.

Looking back on all that we’ve done, from our time in Woods Hole, to Catalina, and crossing three and a half thousand miles of ocean I can say that we’ve accomplished a lot and what we accomplished is no small feat. We’re proud of what we done and I know that all of us will carry this experience with us for the rest of our lives. However like I said before, it’s not over yet, but we’re almost there so now it’s time we push hard to the finish line.

To my friends and family, I can’t wait to see you guys and tell you all of the stories.  We’re nearing the end and I can’t wait to make the brisket when I get home.

Matthew Robertson, Muhlenberg College

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