Birthday, Burgers, and Firing Swells

October 19, 2023

Author: Myles S., C Watch

Oct 19 2small

Myles With Milk

Ship's Log

Thursday, October, 19th, 2023Noon Position: 38 deg 29.0 'W x 063' 44.4 'NShip Heading: 198 degShip Speed: 7.4 knLog: 1092 nmWeather / Wind / Sail Plan: Windy, warm, chance of rain / Wind: 16ktsSwells: 10ftDescription of location: Gulf Stream

My Birthday started at 0000 when I turned 17. I was on helm steering theship. I was relieved and then plotted some points on the chart. I ripped aboatie. Don't worry it was just a boat check. Then change over happened andI went to bed at 0115. I woke up at 7 to the ring of the bell right in myear. It was none other than Ian ringing it to wake me up for Breaky. Therewere Breakfast Sandos and Ian did them right. They were so good and thenwent back to bed. I know it seems like I just sleep for the whole day butdon't worry this day was jam packed with events. I wake up for the finaltime at 11 and get a lot of Happy Birthdays while still waking up. It was sowarm today I got to wear shorts and a tee shirt. It was a nice break fromthe bone-chilling cold that we were so accustom to. It was so warm becausewe were in the Gulf Stream.  We had lunch at 1220 then I got ready forwatch. I was on dishes today so I was in the Galley with Rachel, Seb, andIan. It was a squad.

For the first part, I was all alone just doing dishes.I go up on deck and see Madi giving Tahoe (Teo) a haircut. If you ask Tahoehe will say it looks really Good! If you ask anyone else they will say it isnot very good.  Then we had class which was fun and we prepped the ship forheavy weather that was coming. We put nets to save us from fallingoverboard. We also rigged a line on each side of the ship that we have toclip into to walk along the deck. This did not stop Lily's sunglasses andhat from going overboard! They both just flew right off! We also got a visitfrom a pod of dolphins. There were 3 babies and they were so cute! This iswhen the afternoon got eventful. We celebrated my birthday and had a cakewith brownie on the bottom and cookie on the top. And you know what goesgreat with those? Milk. I got a full quart of milk and it was the cherry ontop of everything! That combo is top 10 in my book. I went back to do moredishes and Rachel, Seb and Ian joined me.

We were slowly starting to rock back and forth. Then we hit a big wave and everything falls I am holdingstuff in all my hands and a can with my foot when I see a mug starting toslide. I yell at someone to get it and at the last second  Ian grabs it! Itwas sick! Every few minutes we have a wave like that. Until we get to thebiggest one of the day. Ian was up on deck so it was me with and the 2stews. The wave hits and we turn 35 degrees on a keel. We have little metalwalls that keep the food in but we had extra ones that slide so I washolding those.

While this was happening the water from the 2 sinks fully flyout onto my legs! Then out of no where one of the metal things flies acrossthe galley and misses my knees and hits the wall with such force that itmakes a small dent in the wall. It was exhilarating! The boat came back tolike a 5 degree keel and it comes down screaming CADE WAS OFF THE DECK ANDWAS HOLDING ON TO JUST A ROPE. Cade that must have been so scary but alsosick. And don't worry he was clipped in and was safe within the rails butjust off the ground because the boat was on the it's side. So yeah the daycarried on like that and I got off watch and had some burgers. I am writingmy blog right now with my mouse falling across my screen with the boatrocking. Signing off.

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