Boat Clue and Good Days

March 5, 2020

Kate Gonzalez, C Watch, Harvard College

C Watch family photo

C Watch family photo

Ship's Log

Present Location
17° 12.9’ N x 062° 24.1’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and Sail Plan
010° PSC heading towards the Puerto Rico trench, sailing under the four lowers on a starboard tack.

Winds NExE force 4, clear skies

Souls on Board

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Not a day goes by on the Cramer which is uneventful. Today during our ship’s meeting, Bonnie started a game of boat clue. Each person on the ship picked a who (everyone aboard), what (a random object), and where (a spot on the ship) out of a bag. They have to then catch that person in the place holding the object in order to get them out. The game has raised suspicion ship-wide as alliances form and break, and friendships are lost due to betrayal. Some are even betrayed by their very own mates and scientists while on watch. It will be a fun next few days as the players whittle down. The most important thing about the game so far is that it has lightened the mood on board.

Taste testing salt water in class from 10m and 130m

Taste testing salt water in class from 10m and 130m

Today was an example of a good day on the Cramer. C watch was on for the afternoon, which held beautiful weather as we passed Redonda and head up north, passing Nevis on the port side. There are not necessarily bad days on board, but some are tougher than others.

It’s been a tiring few days as we adjust to an extended sailing period. Standing watch in the middle of the night, eyes bleary as you try to focus in on the helm and steer the boat on course is part of the tough bits.

It’s easy to forget these hard parts when days are full of good parts like watching the sunset from the bowsprit, or gybing the boat as a watch together with an ease that wasn’t there before or the yells of “fish on board” when a fish is caught on the lines trailing behind us, and the movement of the whole boat as everyone goes to see what we caught (Mahi mahi a few days ago).

Fresh catch of the day.

Fresh catch of the day.

It’s the small moments which make every day on the Corwith Cramer a good day, no matter how hard it can be. We have all created a community which strives to keep the ship safe and moving, while enjoying the little moments.

- Kate Gonzalez, Harvard College

PS: Sending my love to my family and friends back home always (Steven, Mimi, Allie, and the rhaps)

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