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April 22, 2024

Author: Taylor Finn, A Watch, Pomona College


Taylor at the helm in her cool soft and warm New Zealand wool hat) creds Sam

Ship's Log

Wednesday, 17 April, 2024

Noon Position (Lat and Long): 38 25.45’ S x 143 55.9’ W

Ship Heading (degrees): 050 degrees psc 070 degrees true

Ship Speed (knots): 5 knots

Taffrail Log (nm): 2229

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change): Sailing full and by
under the four lowers with a deep reef in the main. On a port tack. Wind NNW
force 5.

Description of location: South Pacific Gyre Core

Hi outside world in which I have no idea what’s going on! This is something
I think of often – what is everyone up to and what’s going on in the world?
I can’t tell you about what’s going on in the outside world, but I sure can
tell you all about what has been going on aboard the Bobby C. I’m going to
proceed to talk about some of my highlights from our time at sea so far.

Watching the moon rise during evening watch: I was on looking and saw this
strange light coming out between the clouds. Rocky, my mate during phase
one, told us to report anything clouds or things in the sky that cause us
any sort of emotions. I saw this strange light peering through the clouds
and went to the quarter deck to report my sighting. I looked at Rocky and
asked him “is that… the moon?” It sure was the moon. Those on the quarter
deck part of my watch were placing bets on if I was going to report the moon
or not- of course I will report when the moon looks stunning.

Watching the most beautiful sunrise while on lookout (once again)

Seeing Scorpio directly overheard during dawn watch: Dawn watch that night
began with a clear sky full of bright constellations. During nights like
those you need QDT (quarter deck time) to appreciate and take in the stars.
As I’m scanning the sky I spot it! Scorpio! I had never seen the Scorpio
constellation before and it’s been so fun to keep spotting constellations I
have learned about in the sky. The southern cross is the next one I always
have to spot on a clear night.

Being stustew and cooking mama’s arroz con cebolla and a picadillo: When I
heard I was stustrew I knew immediately I wanted to cook rice because… I
LOVE rice. I couldn’t make a rice dish without making my mom’s classic arroz
con cebolla. I was so happy to have a familiar meal, truly a comfort meal
and there is nothing better than cooking food for the ship’s company and
everyone being happy with the warm and comforting meal being served.

Belting my rotation of songs on lookout: This is almost a daily highlight.
Sometimes I spend the entire hour on looking singing single verses of
multiple songs because I can’t remember a full song for the life of me. The
rotation includes: Turn the Page by Bob Seger but Metallica’s cover, any
daily jones song (lov u sarah), La Flaca by Jarabe de Palo, Tiktok by Ke$ha,
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, Counting Stars by One Republic, Hey Brother by
Avicci and literally so many other songs that I only know approximately one
verse. Adele gets thrown in the mix every once in a while. Every time I’m on
lookout I try to remember the lyrics to Southern Cross by Crosby Stills and
Nash but every try I’m unsuccessful (sorry mama).

Furling the JT during evening watch while it was HOWLING: To furl the JT we
have to get on the bowsprit which is SO MUCH FUN. I love looking down and
being able to see the water under my feet. To those who may be wondering,
don’t worry, we are clipped in!

Playing phonetic Bananagrams on my Local Apparent Fridays (except today
because I’m writing my blog and I’m EXHAUSTED). Phonetic nanerz is my new
favorite game. There is one rule – no correct spelling allowed. Get creative
and you can imagine the endless possibilities available.

Listening to all the music that is played on board: For those who may not
know, I LOVE any form of live music. In the Main Salon fiddles, guitars, and
a melodica are frequently played after dinner. Folk songs are typically
heard in the Salon but one night Liam played Hot and Cold by Katy Perry and
got the whole Salons company to sing along. That is one song you would not
think of as a group evening sing along song but let me just say it’s a great

Cleaning ages old grease off the top of the stove during field day while
listening to music: Now to wrap things up, this past Saturday, like all
Saturdays, was Field Day which means we were DEEP cleaning the ship. A watch
gets to clean the galley and I got the pleasure to stay below and clean the
nooks and crannies in the galley that don’t get cleaned on a daily basis. I
decided to tackle the challenge of degreasing and cleaning the shelf above
the stove that holds all sheet pans. Mama & papa you would be so proud, that
shelf was SPOTLESS.

I hope you have enjoyed a few of my highlights so far. There are plenty
more, but these are on the forefront of my mind. Family and friends, once
back on land we can exchange endless stories of what has been going on these
past few months.

To family and friends:

I think of you all often – particularly when on lookout and the only thing
you can do is think or sing songs.

Mama, papa, Connor y claro la Chi, los extraño tantísimo. Miro el mar y
pienso en todo el tiempo que hemos pasado juntos cerca del mar. Desde
momentos surfeando a jangueando en la playa, veo los swells pasar y los
pienso. Mandando un beso y abrazo a los tres y un beso extra a la chi J

Tangy un besote! Termine otro proyecto de crochet y sigo trabajando en otros

FiNaLu: I hope you are all doing well! I miss you all tons and can’t wait to
hear what everyone has been getting up to. Xoxo

Sarah: I hope Geneva is treating you FABulously 😉 I miss you tons and think
of you often, typically wondering what you’re up to in Geneva, what cool
physics stuff u could be doing at CERN. I also can’t wait to hear what new
skate trick you have probably learned in the past month or so. I don’t know
if class registration has happened or not but if it has, I hope it has not
caused extra stress to have the fate of my senior fall semester in your
hands jeje.

Talia & Ruthie: thank you guys for all your help in the time before heading
to Woods Hole and eventually heading to sea. I can’t wait to exchange
stories of all our experiences aboard the Bobby C. I hope Claremont is
treating you both well. LOVE U BOTH!

Everyone else reading I appreciate you following along, and I love you guys
endlessly. The Pacific Ocean is treating us well here on the Bobby C. and we
are all anxiously waiting to see when we make our official left turn to head
north towards the tropics!!

Xoxo Tay <3

Taylor Finn, A Watch & Pomona College

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One Comment

  1. brettO April 26, 2024 at 06:36 - Reply

    Hey there T…love all the posts from the kiddos. great storytelling and you can certainly feel everyone’s emotions (highs, lows and in betweens)! All is well in the Caribbean/Atlantic… Connor had an amazing 18 days in Portugal with the Lift european reps and is scheduled to return to the UK, sweden and norway in the summer! He says he’s been promoted to sales rep! The uni in portugal didnt work out so he’s rethinking his next move. Trip to Dominica was AMAZING…swan with the sperm whales 3/5 days, some hiking, dancing and super fun group. pics are cray cray (i think thats how youd say it). Ash/Antonio moved out of the house in san fran and into their rented apt and also moved into their new nyc digs, jamie hanna and the boys are great, james turning 13 on monday 4/29. abbey and poppa jim are supa’ and keeping busy helping ashley with the move, playing golf and pickle ball. Tangy is doing well and keeping busy. Ms. Marley is bella, bella bella. Adrian staying with us a few days while raul/letty are in mexico at a wedding. big hugs to you and glad you’re living the experience as no one can ever take that away! hugs pops

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