C-290 Cruise Track 2.0: Jeff Schell’s All Inclusive, Exclusive, Visual Tour of the Caribbean!

March 3, 2020

Kaylie Williams, C Watch, Beloit College

The "C" in C Watch is for "Can't keep it together during morning class

The "C" in C Watch is for "Can't keep it together during morning class

Ship's Log

Present Location
16 degrees 01.26’ N x 061 degrees 49.01’ W

Ship’s Heading
Heading North to destinations unknown. We are currently hove to, under the three lowers (for the folks at home, we are not moving, because of physics, but we have three big sails up).

Weather is fair! Beautiful sunset and calms winds/seas at the moment.

Souls on Board

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It has been quite a day aboard the Corwith Cramer! (Hopefully) As most of the parents and friends back home know, today the Cramer crew received the news that the remainder of our port stops have been cancelled due to more corona virus outbreaks in the Caribbean region. While it is a bummer for us all, our resident photographer/entertainer/head scientist, Jeff Schell assured us that there is plenty more fun (and science) ahead of us in the next ten days!

Hauling in the braces!

Hauling in the braces!

Although I could go on about our unfortunate situation, I feel like it is times like these where the most growth happens, as we learn to adapt and carry on with what we have been given. It's important to sit back and appreciate the moments that make this experience so special, and to realize that we truly are so lucky to be sailing out on the ocean as part of our study abroad program! For me, those special moments are often the small ones that get overshadowed by the relentless work of keeping this ship running 24/7.

Like many of my shipmates, this trip has been full of firsts. First time out of the country, first time seeing bioluminescence, first time sailing, first time REALLY seeing the night sky, and for all of us, first time being quarantined on a boat!! All jokes aside, I often find myself looking back at these firsts and thinking about how lucky we are to be a part of the small minority of people who have seen or experienced these things firsthand! Just the other day, a few of us saw the green flash for the first time, (if you don't know what that is, google can help). But my point is, that everyone on this ship is having one of those first moments all the time and it is so special and exciting to think that we are experiencing and learning so much every day.

It hits me every time I look up and watch the sails fill with wind; the boat slowly reacting to us trimming and easing the big sheets of canvas. Or, when I take the helm during watch, knowing that I'll never quite be able to experience sailing like this, with the same group of people ever again. For all of us, it's the first time, and also the last time that things will be exactly like this, and it is up to us to make the most of the journey and appreciate those special first moments. With these moments in mind, who knows, maybe the C-290 class will be the first to create our own cruise track through the Caribbean? We have 10 days to sail wherever we want to go!

- Kaylie Williams, Beloit College

PS: Shout-out to my family and friends! Hi, Mom, Dad, Jenna, Landon, Jake (and my doggos) I miss you all SO much and I can't wait to share every part of this experience with you when I get back! You will all be happy to know that I have stopped taking seasickness medication daily and things are looking up in that department! Sending love and hugs from the Corwith Cramer! See you in 15 days!

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