Climate and Society (C&S) Has Departed Woods Hole

February 15, 2023

Author: Jeff Schell

Climate and Society
Climate and Society

Climate and Society (C&S) has departed Woods Hole early in the morning (0430 AM !!).  The students were all awake on time believe it or not.  My guess, excited to start the next stage of their academic adventure.  We are headed to Tahiti and then Mo’orea ( French Polynesia) for our Remote Shore component.  We will study coral reef ecosystems and meet with several local conservation organizations during our ten days on the islands!  Stay tuned to the Robert C. Seamans blog for further updates.

Soon, the students will take the reins of this blog and you will learn about the program through their eyes.

For now you are left with my early impressions, this is going to be a great trip!

Chief Scientist

Jeffrey M. Schell

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