Coconut Appreciation Post

March 19, 2023

Nils B-watch


No Nut Can Compare

Coconuts oh coconuts

I love you so,

You give me shade on the beach,

Provide me with nutritious water

that Meghan can drink in gallons.


Oh coconut I am your biggest fan,
You give me coconut meat to fill my belly;

coconut shavings in my cake,

coconut cream in my coffee,

parties with chief engineer Nate


Your husks fuel my fires,

Your shell gives life to bowls and bras,

But not only that,

Earrings,  music, and arts


But most of all

you make me smile

you great little thing

floating in the sea

spreading the good word of the coconut

Oh coconut. I love you so.


Artist Statement:  Nils first encountered the coconut in Mexico, in the year of 2022. This bond sparked a fire, making him venture across the Pacific, in search of the biggest coconut.

Nils B-watch

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