Dances with Dolphins

March 10, 2020

Everyone smiling at the little art gallery we had (semi-formal attire)

Everyone smiling at the little art gallery we had (semi-formal attire)

Ship's Log

Present Location
17° 45.7’ N x 064° 04.6’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and Sail Plan
Sailing under the fore stays’l, mainstays’l, jib and mains’l

Swells from the North Atlantic and the Easterly winds are having a little pow wow right now and the Cramer is caught in the middle. Huge rollers which make the ship go up and down in a methodical cadence. Making everything which isn’t bolted down slide like it’s on an ice rink.

Souls on Board

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Hello world, it’s been so long since I’ve last communicated with you. A BOAT LOAD of stuff has happened since the last time I wrote in the blog but you’ve probably heard most of it from some of the other wonderful people on this ship. I won’t hit you with all the details, I can tell endless stories as soon as I get home. One thing I will tell you is that this ship has been like the dolphin version of a waterpark. If you want all the work (besides the helmsmen who has to steer) to instantly stop and everyone to be on deck at the same time, all you have to say is one word, “dolphins!!!!”. When dolphins are spotted suddenly everyone is at the rail, eyes twinkling with pure glee.



Just today we saw a pod of 10 or 12 dolphins, inches from the bow (they like to play in our wake). If you’ve ever seen dolphins in an aquarium or at sea world or something I am sorry to say that it is not even half as awesome as seeing dolphins playing in the wild. It’s like they are dancing around us, weaving over and under each other or jumping out of the water as if to say “what’s goin on Cramer?”. We all are glued to the rail, ooing and ahhing until the dolphins get tired of dancing and swim away. One time I was reminded of that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where they are all running across the deck trying to rock the ship. Someone will see the dolphins swim under the boat and yell “PORT SIDE!” and suddenly everyone is scrambling over everything to get to the other rail.

Ela and I haul in a load of Sargassum, the bane of the Neuston tow.

Ela and I haul in a load of Sargassum, the bane of the Neuston tow.

I think it’s nice that we all get excited about something, I guess we all have our priorities straight. Anyways, I probably can’t describe it half as well as if you were actually there but still, a glimpse into what life is like on our little boat. The trip is almost over and I find myself not really wanting to leave. I love the ocean and everything in it (except pollution and stuff) and this trip has been a dream come true.

- Will Robinson, University of Connecticut

PS: Ma, the email I sent had a list of stuff attached and I’m excited to see you in Miami. Dad, tell the troop that I say hey from the middle of the ocean. I miss you all and can’t wait to tell stories when I get back. Love you guys.

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