Eat, Sleep, Sweat, and Everything in Between!

July 19, 2023

Hallie Rockcress, A Watch, Boston University, Environmental Analysis and Policy

Hallie at the helm of the RCS with her fresh new hairdo

Ship's Log

Sampling within Howland and Baker’s portion of the PRIMNM; 00° 17.0’ S x 176° 23.2’W

Wind east by south, Force 4, cumulus clouds

Souls on Board

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Sorry I’m late, I know y’all are waiting patiently for my next post but sleep is more important. Slay, let’s get into it.All I do is eat, sleep, and sweat. Every day has the same predictability. Eat, sleep, sweat. Not in a bad way, since there is always food to eat, tiredness will never be satiated, and we are traveling across the equator where, obviously, it's hot. We are into week four at sea, and we have all found our personal routine. Some have their sleep schedule planned to the minute and others have their daily workout routine. Personally, my routine centered around finding time to stretch before each of my watches and making time to sit and read on deck, so I also enjoy the sun rather than cower from its rays. But the ocean’s water remains as the largest constant; in spite of its ever-changing ways, we cannot see it from bow lookout.Despite the repetition, every day, in between the lines, something new and ridiculous happens. Whales and dolphins emerge from the depths at inconvenient times. New portions of our bodies get stained with a new shade of pink from the sun. We are finding species that have only been identified in the 1930s. Squalls make attempting to do laundry all the more entertaining. I am now without all my hair on my head (it is tradition to cut your hair after crossing the equator for the first time, 100% optional and it made showering a lot easier). But at the base of it all we crave colder weather, more food, and as always sleep, but we continue to tend to the Robert C. Seamans and her crew. The routine helps me comprehend that radical nature of the Pacific. The moments where I used to be nervous have now integrated into my every day norms. Going out onto the bowsprit to strike and tie down the jib and JT (jib topsail) or steering a ship in gale force winds are now something regarded as usual.If only there was more I could tell the people back home. While there are little variations in my day to day, meanwhile there is also a plethora of new things that come and go as fast as a sea breeze. Which may not make sense, but I don’t understand it either. Trying to describe all of the moments over a few hundred words couldn’t do any justice. Most importantly, I want people to know that I am still so ecstatic to be here, and I wish I brought more sun shirts.To all future potential students who are reading this in order to get a vibe for what's going on here is some advice:- Bring a button-up shirt to wear when you are off watch, it'll protect you from the sun, but you can still get a good breeze- Bring quick dry sun-shirts, putting on sunscreen all over your body every two hours gets annoying and you might forget the one time you really need it- Deck showers are the best showers; bring a natural fiber brush so you can scrub off the grime- Be brave and sign up! There is no other experience like this, and I have no regrets despite the profuse amount of perspiration.--Hallie Rockcress (A Watch, Boston University, Environmental Analysis and Policy)Also, hello to all my people back home (Mom, Dad, Alex, G&G, Ian, Sydney, Natalie, etc.) I miss you all so much I’m beyond excited to see you in a few weeks. I think you’ll like my haircut. Sending so much love!

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One Comment

  1. Maya Gabelberger July 25, 2023 at 18:05 - Reply

    Thanks for sharing about the routines and how “Every day has the same predictability.” and that everyone finds their particular way with this – sleep, workout, I wouldn’t have thought of this aspect. But also how there is still so much variation within the sameness – that makes sense.
    “steering a ship in gale force winds are now something regarded as usual.” – Wow, that’s crazy that you can do that! Badass (hope I’m allowed to say that here, but ya’ll are Badass and I hope you know it!)

    “I want people to know that I am still so ecstatic to be here, and I wish I brought more sun shirts.” – Hahahaha, good contrast And Useful 🙂

    I love that you are a female presenting person who decided to shave her head (sorry though if i have the wrong pronouns); it’s just very cool to shave your head and I hope I have the courage someday

    I want to tell you all how much I am appreciating your blog and all the different perspectives. It’s like reading a novel where each chapter is written by a different author with a different perspective – so unique and cool.

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