Expressing Gratitude for C-297C

August 6, 2021

Author: Heather Page, Chief Scientist



We wrapped up the second session of Science at SEA, C-297C, this past Wednesday. The final day aboard SSV Corwith Cramer was spent giving back to the vessel that carried us safely along our voyage; the entire day was devoted to cleaning her from top to bottom. After this ‘field day’ was completed, we held one final swim call and admired an incredible sunset that painted the sky in pinks and purple before the long-awaited Swizzle,  a night of showcasing talents, laughter, and enjoying each other’s company. The next morning, we concluded the program with a sea shanty as we docked (thanks Ari!), graduation, and ‘see you laters.’

Since the conclusion of the program, I have been expressing gratitude for this experience and the many people who made it possible:

To SEA staff, RAs, and faculty - thank you for ensuring all aspects of the program, from academics to meals to evening exploratory activities, ran smoothly. We also thank you for keeping our community safe so this program could happen this summer. (Thanks to thoughtful planning and follow-through of COVID-related policies, we had zero cases during our program!)

To the professional crew - thank you for serving as amazing role models for the students and teaching them how to be ocean stewards, scientists, leaders, and sailors.

To the families and friends of C-297C students - thank you for entrusting us with your loved ones for an entire month this summer.

To the students of C-297C - thank you for being such an amazing group of humans. It was incredible to see the special community you built and your personal growth throughout the program. We wish you fair seas and following winds in the future!

It has been an honor and joy to work and sail with each and every one of you. Thank you!

- Heather Page, Chief Scientist

Contact: Douglas Karlson, Director of Communications, 508-444-1918 |

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