Fins Below, Feathers Above

Author: Sofia, C Watch, Bard College

March 13, 2022
Gisela, Margot, Ella, and Me Out On the Head Rigging

Gisela, Margot, Ella, and Me Out On the Head Rigging

Ship's Log

Noon Position
18° 39.56’ N x 78° 53.59’ W

Ship Heading

Taffrail Log
1744 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
NExE winds but oh so hot, sailing under the “four lowers” (minus our dear fore staysail- rest up bud) and the up-again down-once-more topsail

West of Jamaica

Souls on Board

It’s a bit of a funny thing, this boat business. The days are long and your body sore, it often feels as if the sea and wind’s only participation is through a game of tug o’ war, and somehow, even after five weeks, my “sea legs” have yet to arrive (by stork, I presume? Back of a blue whale?). Even so, I’ve found it impossible not to notice those little moments in between, collected and tucked away to ponder on another day (probably when I’m stuck in a three-hour lecture in some inland state…) So, for you, my quiet moments, my silly moments, my goodness-me-is-this-truly-real moments from today:

Dawn Watch to start, Evening Watch to bring us home. Those early hours are perhaps the quietest on the boat, and a position up at the bow on lookout demands its own desolation. The hard cut of the moon as it set over the horizon, the bitter leaves in my mug, the ghosties that visited Sil and Bird. And that collective intake of breath late at night when we deploy the tows, waiting to see if the waves will be a welcome recipient… followed by a barely perceptible sigh as the nets settle into the sea. Those moments of silence.

And then the moments of raucous goodwill, laughter and joy in-between. An unbirthday celebration was had today and handmade gifts were passed around a twinkling main salon, the promise of a pen pal and the memories of our voyage among them. A tiny top hat, an even tinier blue rabbit within.

The giddy elation of a trip to the head rigging, that moment you step off the deck and onto the braided net almost like flying. And then the fantastical arrives- dolphins porpoising over the waves mere meters from our stomachs, an egret determinately pushing through the wind high above our heads.

A day of gifted moments, perhaps- some quite intentional, others happenstance, and the best totally unexpected.

Baci baci and a pocket full of kisses to 417!


P.S. (from Bird):

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my wonderful dad today, and my sweet Nattles tomorrow!! I am thinking about you both very much, and am counting down the days until we can have a proper Ferrer family celebration!  Until then, try and muster up a little birthday spirit even without the final member of the birthday trifecta present. Also, hi there momma!! Didn’t want to leave you out : -). Miss and love you all more than you know. <33333

Sofia, C Watch, Bard College

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