First Day on Shore: Groundhogs, Beach Trips, and More!

June 22, 2021

Lia Miller & Alex Wilf, St. Andrew’s School & Dwight-Englewood School

The walk toward Quissett Harbor.

The walk toward Quissett Harbor.

Students in Maritime Studies at the beach.
Science at SEA

Students in Maritime Studies at the beach.

Students in Maritime Studies at the beach.
Science at SEA

Students in Maritime Studies at the beach.

On our first day at science at SEA, we woke up to bagels, strawberries, and delicious eggs! Following our first early morning, we split into watch groups and did daily cleaning jobs. This is one of the ways we will prepare for life at sea in two short weeks.

Following our morning, we had Nautical Science with Captain Chris, in which we did team building exercises. Then we had Maritime Studies with Dr. Ali Glassie. We headed to the beach to discuss the Beaufort wind scale and its relation to oceanic literature, and even made our own haikus inspired by descriptions offered by Beaufort.

During Oceanography led by Dr. Jan Witting, we headed to the Knob in Quissett Harbor to take sediment samples on the beach. We learned about the forces which affected the coastline, namely the glacial melt 14,000 years ago that resulted in the deposition of so many sediments and rocks.

Our local groundhog decided to pop up a few times during the day, in it’s cozy home under C-house. While our groundhog isn’t quite as famous  as Punxsutawney Phil, it still likes to come out and show off for the cameras.

- Lia Miller, St. Andrew’s School
- Alex Wilf, Dwight-Englewood School

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