First Full Day at Sea!

June 5, 2023

Stefani Martynenko, watch B,  University of Washington

A refreshing swim time in the middle of a hot watch!

Ship's Log

Ship Heading
Maui, HI

Description of Location
In the middle of Maui, Kaho olawe, and Lana’i HI

Very calm sea

Souls on Board

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June 5th for me technically started at time 00:00, during which I was still on deck watch.  It was our group’s first watch of the expedition. I was feeling sea-sick and could not do much work. I did what I could and took on helm and lookout. Our science group did collect some very exciting organisms with a net. We saw baby puffer fish and sea horses! After a very restful sleep I woke feeling like a brand-new person. I walked out on deck realizing that this was my first ever morning on a tall ship. It was a beautiful feeling. After that I found my balance and quickly adapted to the way the ship moves and was no longer sea-sick.My next watch started at 13:00 and I was feeling very energetic. I scrubbed the deck, did a couple of boat checks, took on the helm, and was on the lookout. The best part of the day happened during our watch when captain Rebecca announced a swim time! Student and crew jumped in the water, and after a very hot and sunny day, this was the perfect reward. It felt like a movie scene because of all of the beautiful island scenery that surrounded us. Also shout out to our B watch, I wouldn’t switch any of them out of our team, it’s an awesome group of people. The food that they have been serving all day today was amazing. We had refreshing smoothies, fish, soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, caramelized homemade popcorn, it has been incredible. They really do put a lot of thought and effort into the food they make. I am very thankful.I have been getting to know some of the crew around the ship as well, they are talented, hard-working adventurers with an optimistic attitude toward life. There are definitely some traits that I would like to gain for myself over the time that I am with them. Overall, I am excited for what to come next and am extremely thankful that I get to have this experience in my life. It’s unbelievable for me and I can’t comprehend how and why I am where I am now.Stefani Martynenko, watch B,  University of Washington

Me scrubbing the deck floor.

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