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May 28, 2023

Mikey Widman, University of Maine

Sunrise vibes

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Kaiona Beach Park

Mostly sunny with some scattered showers

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Hey Everyone, I’m Mikey! I just finished my first year at the University of Maine and I am originally from Minnesota. 

Today was a very eventful day which started with a Sunrise Snorkel which happened around 0600. The snorkel was very fun but also fairly challenging due to shallow water near most of the coral reef and some surprising currents. Despite the challenges, the group pushed through and had a very successful snorkel. My personal experience led me to find a Sea Turtle and get stung by a small Man o War Jellyfish. The sting did not hurt too much and the slight pain did not last long. Overall, the Sunrise Snorkel was definitely worth it as I saw multiple different species of fish and invertebrates, on top of the turtle and jellyfish.

Our trip then led us to breakfast and then a short drive to the farmers market. At the farmers market, Jace, Madeline, and I met a very persuasive preserve salesman. As good as the preserves were, we decided to move on to where I found a coconut water vendor and he was selling the whole coconut, which I couldn’t pass on. After our brief stop at the farmers market, we headed to the North Shore. We went to Waimea Beach.

While at Waimea Beach, I spent a lot of time in the water which had a crazy quick drop off that led to unique wave conditions with some of my other crewmates. Eventually, Jace, Sam, Madeline, Maya and I ventured over to a rock wall on the far side of the beach where we all took turns bouldering. After trying many different routes and grips, Jace was able to successfully climb up the whole rock wall. After this we decided to go cliff diving. We were joined by Stella, Emma, and Makenna to make the jumps. After a couple rounds of jumping we all decided to head back where we started on the beach. Jace and I watched some beach volleyball while waiting for a turn but after roughly 25 minutes of waiting we decided to head back to the waves and chill in the water some more. 

Around 1300 Jeff picked us all up and dropped us off in the nearby town . While there, we got lunch of acai bowls and spent some time shopping. After all of this, I was sunburnt and tired but the day was all worth it in my eyes. Jeff drove us back to the HPU Campus where Captain Rebecca gave a brief lesson on boat life and all of our roles and responsibilities. I spent the rest of the night talking with crewmates over dinner.

Today was a very tiring day but was so worth it because I was able to build more memories and bonds with my crewmates while also being able to have a nice day off. Tomorrow we are doing another Coral Reef Snorkel and we are taking actual measurements and data on this run which I cannot wait to get too.

-- Mikey Widman, University of Maine

P.S Hey Mom and Dad, Love and miss you both. Please let Grandma and Burke know I love and miss them too.

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