Good Morning

October 28, 2023

Author: Riley, B Watch

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Class with a lot of people.

Ship's Log

Saturday, 28 October, 2023Noon Position: 33°02.47’N  X  071°13.98’WShip Heading (degrees): 302°Ship Speed: 4 knotsLog: 1963 nmWeather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change): Warm weather and sailing until we no longer could and we had to motor. Withforce 4 winds coming from NEXNDescription of location: Middle of the Atlantic

This morning Ian woke me up for breakfast at 6 am telling me that it washot, that breakfast was in a little less than 20 minutes and that watch wasin 50 minutes. I thanked him and then got dressed. After that I got out ofmy bunk just in time for breakfast. It was breakfast sandwiches, so good, Iate one with plenty of hot sauce and avocado and headed back to my bunk tofinish getting ready. After I put on my harness I headed to the quarter deckto muster for turnover. We’re doing JWOs right now or Junior Watch Officerwhere two students (one for each half of watch) would have the deck andwould give commands to the other students; they would mandate rotations andcall out sail handling. I didn’t have to worry about it because I hadalready been JWO twice. On deck the A watch JWO did the turnover where theygave a debrief to the oncoming JWO (Teo) and spun the skirt on to them andgave the hat over. I actually was supposed to be on lab but I switched withMattie because she hadn’t done morning science station often and then Iswitched with Noah on dish because he gets really sea sick in the galley.

After turnover I headed down below to do the breakfast dishes I was in therefor about two hours before Teo called me up to do some sail handling becausewe had to Gybe for science. After that Teo sent Liam to do dish to give me abreak and Noah and I worked to the Navigation report for class thatafternoon. We drew our track line stating in Woods Hole and ending at ourpresent location. Than we got the log of all of the nautical miles we hadtraveled in the past 24 hours and the rhumb run, which is the nautical milesfrom directly where we started to where we were with no turns as the crowflies. Noah and I took a quick break for morning snack (grapefruit) and tocheck in on science (I didn’t win the secchi disc bet). Than Obie (our watchofficer) gave us some reading to do so I read about how to steer with nocompasses and only by the wind and swells and gave Noah the highlights towrite on the whiteboard.

After that I was put on helm for an hour before Iwent back to dish to start on the lunch dishes from the first seating. I hadalmost finished the dishes before I had to go back on deck for turnover.Paige was now JWO so she gave the debrief to C watch and they did theturnover spin. After that all of B watch met on the high side for a quickrecap of watch and then we all went below deck for lunch. And that’s what amorning watch looks like for me.

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