Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2022

Nick Carse, Colorado College

Lunch on the motu

This morning I awoke to Alex sleep talking – “Je suis Whaaat?”

Today was lit. Alvin (Jen) and the chipmunks (us) climbed into our 3 Kia Picanto’s this morning to go meet Josiane and her wonderful friends. Milena was kind enough to let us use her house as a home base while we went on our Motu Adventure, so we left our cars there and set out for the small Island in the middle of the lagoon (called a Motu). Sofia and Angus had prepared three modes of transportation: a wicked fast trimaran sailboat, a small traditional catamaran (Waka), and a skiff with a small engine. Some sailed, some boated, and Kam-ron and I paddled the waka out to the Motu. There we were greeted by Teresa and Edwin, two incredibly gracious and sincere hosts who welcomed us with a wonderful reception of music and dance. Josiane joined in on the welcome dance, and Teresa gave a welcome speech (customary when arriving in a new place) which left us all with a warm fuzzy feeling in our bellies.

After that everyone split up and took turns trying all the different Motu activities. This includes- but is not limited to – Sailing the small waka, sailing the trimaran, snorkeling, fishing, diving for giant clams, weaving, cutting breadfruit, cooking fish, and more. By lunchtime we were all thoroughly cooked and hungry, and the assortment of food prepared went crazy.

Post lunch we resumed our Motu activities at an albeit slower pace. Eventually around 3 we had had all the fun there was to have and said our goodbyes and set sail for Milena’s.

Josiane, Angus, Sophia, Nico, Moeava, Teresa, Edwin, and Teanini all helped us immensely along the way and we could not be more grateful for them and their contributions. These are some truly good people, and we are all feeling very lucky to be in their presence today. Life is good.

Happy thanksgiving,

Nick Carse, Colorado College

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