Iconic Blog Collab Just Dropped

Iconic Blog Collab Just Dropped

Bella Kassa, B-Watch & University of Michigan and Marin Allen, A-Watch & University of Massachusetts

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B-Watch playing D & D

Ship's Log

Noon Position
31° 36.3’N x 074°21.9’W

Ship Heading
045° T

Ship Speed
6.8 knots

Taffrail Log
1727.88 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Storm trys’l, mainstays’l and forestays’l on a starboard tack, winds light and variable, clear skies

Description of location
Back in the US EEZ around 200 nm off the coast of Georgia

Souls on Board

Hi world! Another exciting Saturday here on the Corwith Cramer filled with cleaning, science and sail handling. We (Marin and Bella) have decided to collab on this post while we absolutely murder a whole bowl of apples and peanut butter. We’re talking 3+ apples each. Yummy! Before we kick it off, we wanted to share a fun fact with all of our Wolverines at home.

Occasionally, dawn watch will be asked to make a report explaining a nautical or navigational concept to the class which we call a deck report. Prior to us, only science reports had a song. We decided to make up a new deck report song that has really caught on and it is completely based on the University of Michigan fight song. Hail to the Victors indeed!

Thane, Adam and others enjoy a firehose shower

It’s Bella! This morning I was woken up by Rocky telling me it was time for our second session of Dungeons and Dragons. B-Watch has been participating in a campaign led by Gabe and it’s been a lot of fun! I’ve enjoyed doing something I wouldn’t have necessarily picked up on shore. My character is a forest gnome named Sparklegem who wears neutrals and has pink hair. The game is a great opportunity to spend time with my watch members when we aren’t working in the lab or on deck.

Hey – Marin here. I personally have not been playing D&D at sea, but I have been so fortunate to have heard most of C watch’s campaign, led by Amir.

Because my bunk is in the main salon, I have often woken from a nap to something exciting happening right outside my bunk. I overheard an interesting combat moment in a post dawn watch nap haze. Also, Bella’s character’s name, Sparklegem, reminded me of when I used to say that my favorite color was sparkles when I was younger! I just wanted to add that in because I know that it will make my family laugh at home.

Bella again. Another interesting happening lately is the watermaker which is having some issues. The engineers are on it and we have more than enough freshwater for all of our essential needs – cooking, cleaning and drinking – but it just means we are being hyperconscious of our water conservation.
This has meant deck showers! Normally we are allowed to shower once every 3 days with 60 seconds of freshwater. We have now cut back to saltwater showers on deck with a freshwater rinse and it’s not as bad as I thought! I feel even cleaner than before since I can spend more time in the water.

Marin, of course. Today, we got a special post-field day, firehose shower!

Larry climbed on top of our science lab, holding the hose up for us as we each took turns running under the freezing water and tried to get our soap off as quick as possible. It was the best water pressure I’ve ever experienced, as was the spout of hose water that was coming out of a hole by the scuppers (the gutters of the boat). I had a great time lying on the deck to rinse my hair out. Cleanest I’ve felt in weeks!

Bella is back! Crazy to think we have less than two weeks until we’re back on land. I’ve gotten comfortable with the watch schedule and I love having all my meals cooked for me (thanks Jackie and Audrey), but I am very excited to hear about all the hot gos (gossip) that’s been happening on land in my absence. I can’t wait to make the most of the days we have left and share with you all the hot gos from boat life! This is most likely my last blog post, so I’ll catch you all on the flipside! I want to wish happy early birthdays to Aunt Jenny and Evan. I love and miss you both very much! Tell Ruby I say hi. To everyone at home, sending love, hugs and kisses. See you soon!!!

Marin again! Can’t wait to see everyone at home and update you all on the inner workings of the Cramer! Might take me awhile to adjust to using my phone again but trust, I will text you back I promise. I know I said a few days ago that I was writing my last blog post, but for real this time – talk to you all when I am on land!

Bella Kassa, B-Watch & University of Michigan and Marin Allen, A-Watch & University of Massachusetts

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