Is this Really the Equator? King Neptune Visits to Confirm

October 19, 2022

Craig Marin, Maritime Studies

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Above: Brighton, Aster, and Krista clean up the deck following the visit of the Court of King Neptune. Below: Paloma on the lookout for King Neptune.

Ship's Log

Noon Position

Ship Heading
Into the Southern Hemisphere

Ship Speed
Hove to

Taffrail Log
Withheld by Neptune (update tomorrow!)

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Suspended by King Neptune's Court

Description of Location

Souls on Board

Despite continued cool evenings and some overcast days that blocked the sun, we have indeed reached the EQUATOR! In a voluntary event to mark the first-time passage across the Line for all but four members of our ship's company, we paused our daily routine for some fun activities to mark the transition from "pollywogs" to "shellbacks" under the direct supervision of King Neptune and the Monarch of the Sea's court. Perhaps you will hear more about this and our continued voyage under sail toward our first port stop in upcoming blogs. Stay tuned!

Fair Winds!

Craig Marin, Maritime Studies

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