Jordan’s Birthday Extravaganza

March 12, 2023

Eden Raich (A Watch)

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Hello blog, Eden here! I was planning to come up with a more creative start but I'm currently very tired post watch. Luckily, I started off the day very well rested since I got to go to bed early yesterday on my StuStew day.

I woke up to a breakfast of eggs and English muffins. Then I headed up on deck to do some laundry and I was finally able to find some space on the clothe line to dry my stuff. They've been so full the last few days, and while inconvenient, it is nice to know my shipmates are staying clean. While on deck, I made sure to stop by lab to check for any cool creatures caught in the previous night's Neuston Tow.

There were two lobster larvae and a jellyfish! I also had to check in on the fish now living in the Chrysler (our fish tank). Over the past few days we've built a small army of baby fish who I've been enjoying looking at a lot. Then I had some time to read and relax before my watch after lunch (Eggplant curry and rice).

One of the very cool lobster larvae

One of the very cool lobster larvae

We (A watch) started off our watch attempting to set the course without the help of our watch officers which, somehow, we actually did (mostly). It didn't last long though and we almost immediately had to strike it again as the wind died. Then it was time for class! Today was extra special because it's Jordan's birthday!! Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Tonight's sunset!

Tonight's sunset!

The stews prepared some delicious brownies with ice cream for snack which I think made everyone very happy. Adele, Rae and Aaron gave an extremely entertaining deck report  on the different levels of the Beaufort Force Scale . Then, led by Kelly Mo and Megan, we sang a customized rendition of "A Drunken Sailor" for Jordan and got to play some Jordan Trivia. After class, we got to finish up watch under an amazing sunset and finally it was time for dinner which was some extremely yummy eggplant parm. Now it is definitely time for me to go to sleep. Goodbye blog!

Eden Raich (A Watch)

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  1. Carolyn Sheild W-77 March 14, 2023 at 19:41 - Reply

    Happy Birthday to Jordan! I’m so glad you were born! Nice phyllosoma larva. 🙂 Continue to enjoy your voyage, S307, and keep the blogs coming. From Carolyn, W-77

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