October 12, 2023

Author: Whistler B., A Watch


lab break for sunset flick

Ship's Log

Thursday, October 12, 2023Noon Position: (Lat and Long):  44° 22.5’N 064° 18.6’WLog (nm):  658.1nmWeather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change):  Clear, sunny skies,moderate temps.Description of location: Docked in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Our first day in Lunenburg! Bright and early this morning, I was woken upfor my 6:20 breakfast of oatmeal and bacon, fueling me for my final 7:00watch before our very first port stop. Every morning when I make my way ondeck I take in a gorgeous ocean view, only today I was surrounded byCanadian evergreens, the first trees we’ve seen in a minute! We mustered onthe quarterdeck as we sailors do, and Captain gave us orders to beginpreparations to haul back anchor. Our C-watchers sailed the Cramer into NovaScotia in the wee hours of last night and anchored, so we only had a quicktrip to find our space to dock. As the sun came up we maneuvered our way outof the inlet and towards our destination. Normally, students try to sleep inwhen it’s not their turn for morning watch but we’ve been crazy excited tofinally get a look at what this little fishing town could be, so everyonecame up on deck.

Sailing in, Lunenburg seemed somewhat smaller than what Iexpected. The night before Madi and Noah had been asking if there would be aChipotle nearby. Boy, were we wrong. Not a burrito in sight. Lunenburgturned out to be the cutest little fishing town I’ve ever seen with itsscattered multi-colored houses and lobster pot Christmas trees. For most oftoday all we could do is observe from afar as were we still considered aforeign vessel and needed to get checked in by customs. I spent the ninehours waiting to get cleared furling the sails, playing spit with Emma,laying in the hammock with Lula, eating lucky charms, gossiping with Coleand Cade, singing with Madi, and waiting some more!

Finally, just when we were about to give up hope our fearless leader gave us the good news. Wealso were given our phones to make calls home for the first time in sixweeks. I got to talk to my mom and dad, which only made me miss them more aswell as all my friends back home. The minute we stepped off the boat we madea run for the ice cream shop and hurried as we only were left with 45minutes until we had to be back on the boat. We walked down the street andstarted screaming at the sight of our favorite Maritime Studies teacher,BEN! We missed him so much! Ben is here to take us on a tour of Lunenburgand give us a lesson on its history tomorrow during our full day at port.Now it’s 20:00, I’m about to head up on deck again, lay on the top of thelab and look at the stars with my friends. I can’t wait for tomorrow and toget to see much more of Lunenburg before we set sail again to continue ourvoyage.

Love you all and please write to us!

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