Land Ho!

December 5, 2023

Author: Davi Hertz, Program Assistant


D'Elle, Morgan, and Amy showing just how serious our crew can be.

Ship's Log

5 December 2023Current Position: Dockside in Napier, AucklandShip's Heading & Speed: NoneWeather: Cloudy, Windy, and Rainy

Hello to all the crew's family and friends who read these blogs to keep upwith their loved ones who have chosen this silly silly lifestyle!It's me, too, I have also chosen this silly little life. I am Davi, theProgram Assistant of S312, or affectionately known as "mom" onboard sinceI've been the students' point person since they arrived to SEA's Woods Holecampus back in October. I adore being back on the Seamans. Although I'm anOther and don't stand in the set watch rotation, today I woke up on my ownaround 1 am and decided to head on deck and join B Watch for the first hourof their Dawn Watch. When I came up on deck it was chilly and a bit rainyand there was a boat wanting to cross out starboard bow; in order to givethem ample room we were starting a gybe. Since we were making good timetowards our morning station waypoint, we had enough wiggle room to gybearound, knowing full well we'd gybe again to get back on course as soon asthe other ship had safely passed. After the first 20 minutes of slightchaos, I had fun hanging out with Tierney (3rd Mate) and Anna Lynn who wason helm. Everyone else on watch was busy in lab or coiling down the rest ofthe deck, so it was just us three having some quality time talking abouteverything and nothing. Once I got tired enough (both in an exhausted wayand also tired of standing out in the rain) I said my goodnights to B Watchand went back to bed.When I woke again it was at 0605 by Morgan saying "good morning Davi, thisis your wake up, it's raining out." So I lay there for 5 more minutesthinking about the wet and cold day ahead of me, and then finally got out ofmy warm bunk, got dressed, and headed to breakfast. I had a yummy bowl ofoatmeal and granola, then did some personal work, then hung out in thegalley and made chocolate biscotti with the student steward, Aly. My newfavorite part of my day is that every morning I kick the real stewards out(who are MUCH better at cooking, and who I ask constant questions to) andhang out with the student steward while we make afternoon snack.Another great part of life aboard is when I can get sucked into a book again- without constantly looking at my phone I am able to get some excellentuninterrupted reading time, which may or may not allow me to finish a 300page book in less than two days. After that it was just time to get ready todock in Napier. We prepared docklines and fenders, then stood by for ordersfrom Captain Allison, who once again effortlessly got us on the dock like itis the simplest thing in the world. Believe it or not the commotion thatcomes with docking really occurs after we're already securely attached tothe dock. Next up was adding chafe gear to protect all the lines, puttingsail covers on the sails, rigging the gangway, and tons of other small oddsand ends to make our home a bit comfier while dockside.The rest of the evening was not quite as exciting as the rush of the rest ofthe day, and as I write this I can't wait to crawl into my bunk (my own tinyoasis on this ship), look at the photos I have taped up to my walls offamily and friends, and drift to sleep, ready to explore this new citytomorrow!From New Zealand,Davi HertzS312 Program Assistant and SEA AlumP.S Ashley's brother and Rocky's mom - both of them are doing great!Ashley's food is delicious and I'm sorry you're starving without her there.Rocky is, of course, being the smartest chief mate and making sure that thestudents are learning all of the things and being a great support system toboth students and crew. I'd PS to my own family, but I know they are not asdedicated readers of the blog as y'all are, so I wanted to make sure you gotthe special shout out you obviously deserve, thank you so much for sharingthese two wonderful humans with us!

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