Last Day of Classes

July 1, 2021

Ellie Pohlig, Mikey Widman & Charlotte Marvin, Concord Carlisle, John Marshall High Schools & Eagle Hill School


C-297B Class on the beach

This morning we started our day with granola and blueberries for breakfast. After watch meetings and daily chores, we had COVID testing before class. In Maritime Studies, we had a guest seaweed farmer, Paul Dobbins, and learned about the process and importance of seaweed farming. We learned that seaweed has lots of nutritional value: a square inch of saccharina kelp has the same nutritional value as four cups of milk.

After learning the process of planting the kelp seeds, we had two oceanography periods. In the first, we discussed upwellings and gyres and how they influence temperature, salinity, and pressure at the ocean’s surface.

In the second period, we had a guest speaker from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, who talked about how they identify and tag sharks, and how the tag data helps scientists’ research. Afterward, we continued with our earlier group work, and each presented a question from the discussion materials. After classes, free time, and dinner, we had a big game of capture the flag, but with personal flotation devices. Overall, we all enjoyed a great official last day of classes.

- Ellie Pohlig, Concord Carlisle High School
- Mikey Widman, John Marshall High School
- Charlotte Marvin, Eagle Hill School

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