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February 17, 2023

Nils Midtun

Author Nils Midtun from Norway with dog
Feb 18_01

Author Nils Midtun from Norway with dog

Chief Scientist Jeff S and the whiteboard, getting us ready!
Feb 18_02

Chief Scientist Jeff S and the whiteboard, getting us ready!

It was a rough morning for the author, that had his shorts blown away in the vicious storm that had raged all night. After scrambling through the hills stumbling and ripping up his knee and back, just to walk to breakfast, shortless, to learn that the shorts were indeed found in the shower where he had left them last night...

But your super studious, well-behaved, and organized teenagers, whom you all know well, arose early and were on time, (to Jeff’s surprise !) all geared up and ready for snorkeling. Maybe not too hard when you have a coral reef waiting for you. The 20 min car ride over was filled with some educational rap from Mikki - “Be Healthy” was played.

The reef site was just as stunning as the rest of Moorea. A bit shallow but about 1000 damselfish and a bunch of other fish and corals. We even saw 3 rays just at the end.

Back at the GUMP research station, the environmental team was in the bungaLAB, busy testing water samples. Then, we all gathered for some taro ice cream and worked on the EARTH monologues (a group project/collective story that aims to personify different parts of the natural world and how they are responding to climate change).

Our PA (Popular attache), Jen, took us on a loop around the island. Moorea is breathtaking, and between the locals, the surfers, the scooter gangs, and the delicious fruit stands, we were all excited to explore more in the coming days.

We ended the day with a delicious dinner with both raw and cooked Tuna. It’s hard to tell who ate more, Jeff or Massi.

Then we ended the night with a debrief and a night swim with a sting ray.

Liten hilsen til de der hjemme hvis de leser helt ned:)

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