Mutant Mayhem Aboard the Robert C. Seamans

February 26, 2024

Author: Nicholas Lapic, C Watch, College of the Atlantic


Ship's Log

February 24, 2024Position: 39°27.137 ‘S x 177°22.029 ‘EHeading: 183° trueSpeed: 4.8 knotsWeather: Clear skies for most of the day with vibrant sunshine, some warmth, calm seas and winds, and then expressive afternoon clouds.

Boyakasha, my fellow Turtles.This is my longest stint working as an undercover mutant so far and I ampleased as punch to say none of the others suspect a thing. The humanlingsshould hopefully *knock on wood* not discover my dastardly secretive plot tomutate the ship’s company into a small militia of animalistic fiends. Myprogress on the special mutagen comprised of scrap food, Envirox, and liquidknowledge leeched from the brains of the crew is astounding and is expectedto be completed in 10 days barring unfortunate circumstances.Despite the words of the Great Council concerning the upper world and humanhobbies I must say that I have found comfort in some activities andsceneries here in what this disheveled map calls “Aotearoa/New Zealand”.The views have been immaculate on scales indescribable; cliffs and islandsout of fantasy lands. The water here is one of the glossiest and shiniestblue tapestries I have ever seen and tastes like the kisses my mother wouldgive me on the forehead as a toddler.Not to mention the variety of avian compatriots I have had the pleasure oftelepathically communicating with has been a recent guilty pleasure of mine.The countless gannets, terns, petrels, and albatross species have been arecent and absolute delight (I sang about revolution with a Sooty Albatrossnot too long ago). The mammalian counterparts (I believe they have beendubbed Spinner and Striped Dolphins) seem to be devoid of emotionalconversational abilities. The dolphins have an astounding intellect beyondthat of even the humans and, alas, talk smack to other species constantlymaking chit-chat with them hilariously poor.As much as I hate to say it, human interactions have been fairly sufficientas well. My “shipmates” aboard this vessel have been raucous yetentertaining company and continue to surprise me with their emotionalcapabilities. Today we experienced the group effort of “tacking” a largeship, a process in which we steer the vessel head on into winds in anattempt to turn it around using almost all set sails. While I can’t say Ienjoyed this activity due to the labor involved, the laughter and commitmentof those surrounding me made the work feel lighter. Along with this, we alsocelebrated one of my shipmates, Olivia’s (third mate), birthday, an activitythat brought me an odd amount of laughter. In fact the company has beendoing more for me than I expected simple-minded humans to be capable of. Themotivation that these beings are capable of is shocking; using every fiberof their vocal chords to muster support for the simplest hand washes. I findit easier to do work here. I find it easier to be in an open community here.I find it I find it easier to laugh normally then to feign my laughter atthe comments of my peers like I used to. This is making me excited to moveforward with the Great Council’s plan.The hope was to turn the humans simply into an army; a group of controllableand workable soldiers. However, an army we can communicate and encourageeffectively is even better. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to try and mingle morewith my future combatants to learn strengths and weaknesses.I don’t get a great psychic pathway to the Great Council from out here so Ihope they take my message into consideration and give me telepathic updateswhen communication is possible. For now, the mutagen progress shallcontinue, and I hope to gain inspiration for my future soldiers.Cowabunga,Nicholas Lapic, C Watch, College of the Atlantic(P.S. A message to my Family and Sophie: Love you all, Boomshakalaka <3)

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  1. Carrie Ryan February 26, 2024 at 17:42 - Reply

    Nicholas, I love your creativity! What an amazing experience you are having with your shipmates. Love you!

  2. MomMom February 26, 2024 at 17:46 - Reply

    Hey Nicholas,
    I’m so happy for you.
    Love you!
    Mom Mom

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