Ode to the Sea

June 9, 2018

Ralfs, B Watch, Northeastern University

Rainbow and squalls.

Rainbow and squalls.

Ship's Log

Current Position
01°35 N x 157° 29 W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Varied through the day, 3-8 knots

Sail Plan
Motoring Main Stays’l, Raffee, Tops’l, Course, Forestays’l

Sweltering heat in the morning, squalls in the afternoon to evening.

Souls on Board

Today started off with sweltering 31 degree heat, and a very calm Ocean.

Being in the Sun is has not been easy at any point, but longing for persistent shade is something we have all experienced. The lack of wind meant that we were moving a meager 3 knots until we engaged the engines
later in the afternoon.

The day saw an impromptu haircutting session, where several members of our class decided to shave their heads completely. I even had the privilege to participate in the shaving of Mr. DeWitt's hair.

There was a ceremony for the members of the ship's crew that had never crossed the Equator, pollywogs turning to shellbacks. A momentous occasion, the details of which cannot be elaborated upon.

Of course, the consistent beauty of the Ocean has been continuously discussed by my shipmates, and I echo their sentiments. Still scenic, still beautiful. Looking forward to make land fall tomorrow!

Also a poem for her majesty the Ocean-

Salty are her lips
Curvy her hips
Needless to say
We are blown her way

Engulfed in Blue
What's warm is true
The shadows temporary
My wants are but tertiary

Greet this sweet commotion
Eternally in motion
As far from home, too familiar
The voices here, dissimilar

Refreshing tones
That rattle your bones
Islands, accept us
Please, grant another gust

Ralfs, B Watch, Northeastern University

P.S. I wish I told someone at home that there would be a blog, so that they might read this. Note for the future- Sveicieni no Ekvatorialajiem udeniem! Milu!

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