Pip the Magic Bird Lived on Our Boat

July 5, 2023

C Watch & Pip, the unknown land bird

Colin and Edward helping Francesca tie a sail down

Ship's Log

Noon Position
43 deg 12.2' N x 070 deg 02.7'W

Ship Heading
175 degrees

Ship Speed
9.6 knots

246.7 nm

Weather/Wind/Sail Plan
Not a cloud in the sky

Description of Location
Gulf of Maine

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After a very sleepy night, most of C Watch skipped breakfast to get a couple more hours of sleep. After a late night Neuston Tow and a Surface Sample, we were very tired and fell right asleep. From what we hear, the banana bread and chia pudding was delicious. A wake up call to the fog horn was not our cup of tea!!

After being surrounded by dense fog for almost the entire morning, the sun and beautiful blue skies finally peaked out around 1200. Our 1300-1900 watch began on a high note when we put up the fish and the JT sail. Devon, Aidan and Nick went to lab to process some sediment and bioluminescence found from the night before. Molly, Colette, Cal, Colin and Edward were on deck maintaining our ships course.

Not only did we have a blast in the beautiful sunny weather, but we also made some new friends. Sightings of 2 sunfish, tuna, a dolphin and a friendly land bird brightened our day. What's more is that our new roommate, Pip, the unknown land bird has refused to leave the ship or take any food offerings. He is our new captain and mascot.

Pip, our mascot

During our ships meeting, we discussed the points of sail, compression v. spark combustion and chose topics for our research projects. Watch C has officially chosen Phytolankton City as our topic. We will be researching the areas in the water column where plankton abundance varies and the factors that affect it.

The beautiful skies and soft breeze made our ships journey feel like a second. We are sad to think that this amazing experience will end in only a couple days. Tomorrow we look forward to beginning our trip to Island of Shoals for a tour of the Cornell research center. We hope to spend tomorrow with the same weather and good food courtesy of Valentine and Cassie our stewards.

Cheers,C Watch & Pip, the unknown land bird

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  1. Aidan Sutherland March 22, 2024 at 10:30 - Reply

    Long Live Pip!

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