Presenting our Oceanography Reports

July 10, 2024

Author: Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist


C Watch science report: Whales and ocean weather conditions!

Ship's Log

Monday, July 8th, 2024
Position: 41' 21.4'N x 070' 47.4'W
Log (nm):  574.0 nm.
Weather / Wind and Sail Plan:  Anchored in lite winds, foggy with occasional patches of sun.
Description of where we are sailing:  Anchored Menemsha Bight, Martha's Vineyard

While safe at anchor in Menemsha Bight the student crew was able to turn-to and focus on preparing the oceanography reports.  They did an amazing job making sense of all the scientific data we collected during the voyage and prepared informative and engaging presentations.  A true testament to all that they have learned.  Plenty more pictures of each student presenting their part of the story will be available at the end of the trip.

Students also had the opportunity to learn how to safely climb aloft in the ship's rigging. And finally, the day started and ended with a swim call! Plenty more pictures of these adventures are also available.

Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist

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